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Amateur Teen Homemade My mom had seen me admiring her beautiful body. She had covered herself with the towel. I apologized and moved out.

After some time, mom came out wearing a nice red-colored saree. I had bought her this saree with my money in the final semester by working at the petrol pump. She had light make-up on her face, nothing fancy just some powder and lipstick.

Amateur Teen Homemade Her hair was tied in a braid and hanging over her left boob. Her saree was tied just below her navel which was visible from the side.

She had a smile on her face. Her naked image and her image of enjoying sex with my dad flashed in front of my eyes, and I could feel my dick getting hard.

Mom:- Hello, stop looking at me like that.

Me:- Oh, sorry mom. I was looking at how very beautiful you are.

Mom:- Ok, stop flirting with your mom now. Shall we go?

Me:- No mom, really you are as beautiful as an angel and not just now but always. I love you, mom.

Amateur Teen Homemade Mom:- I love you too, Rashid. Shall I go now?

Me:- Yeah.

Mom:- And next time onwards, knock. Ok?

Me:- Oh, sorry mom.

Mom:- Enough, how many times will you apologize? Come, let us go now.

Amateur Teen Homemade We took an auto to a good restaurant, again nothing fancy but a reasonably good place. We sat down and gave our order. We talked about random stuff, good stuff while having our dinner. We finished and were waiting for our bill.

Mom:- Do you ever think about your dad?

Me:- Why do you want to spoil the evening by reminding me of that devil.

Mom:- Language, Rashid. He is still your dad.

Me:- He was not fair to you and me.

Amateur Teen Homemade Mom:- No son. He was a good man. I know I married a good man. He was depressed, his alcoholism, his partners betrayal. It changed him, son.

Date: May 30, 2021
Actors: mick blue