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Amateur College She saw that his hand was poised over the phone. She had no idea what the penalty for suspected prostitution in London was, but she was sure it would involve a trip to jail and that was definitely not in her plans for tonight. Shaking, she pulled a twenty pound note from her purse and handed it across the desk. He snatched the bill from her hand. “I’ve half a mind to refuse it and send you back empty handed; but I don’t know who your pimp or madam is,

Amateur College and I’d hate to fuck up a business contact over one stupid whore.” He handed over a card key. “Don’t let me see you again without the proper respect.” “Of course not, Chaz,” she said as she glanced his gold name tag. “Thank you for the information.” She tried her best to sound meek as she turned away and walked as quickly as possible to the elevator bank. By the time she …
reached the fifteenth floor the problem had been solved, she would take care of it in the morning and he would probably lose his job. Now though,

Amateur College she needed some champagne to recapture the pleasant buzz that the jerk at the front counter had killed. She definitely wanted the buzz if she was going to try what she wanted to do tonight, and Angelina had said it would help. As soon as she was through the door she shed her coat and tossed it over a chair. Even though it was fairly cool in late March, the vinyl didn’t breathe well and she was melting in it. Fortunately, because of the cutout, her skin was exposed to the cool air conditioning; it was heavenly. Finally, she looked around. The main room was well appointed and designed with the

Amateur College vacationing traveler in mind. The bathroom had a large soaking tub and a two-way fireplace that looked into the bedroom. A separate room contained the hot tub which looked out across the balcony and over the Thames River. In the near distance, the lights from the London Eye reflected off the river’s surface. “Very nice,” she said as she picked up the phone and called for room service. Now, she just needed to figure out the perfect reception for her husband. ——- Ron was whistling when the elevator door opened.

Date: February 25, 2019