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amante I just kind of sat there in a daze, just taking in the amazing blowjob I had recieved from her.  After laying there for a few more minutes, I told her it was her turn, so I unbuckled her belt, unbuttoned her shorts and slid them down, bringing her down to just her thong, which I quickly yanked down, exposing her nicely shaved pussy.  I then told her to lay down on the bed, and then I took my shirt off, so we’re both completely naked at this point.

amante We began kissing again, all while I began touching her downstairs.  Moments later, I moved my head downstairs and began licking her hot twat and making her scream so loud, that I worried about causing a disturbance in her dorm.  I’d done this plenty of times for her while dating but never heard her moan this loud.  I think I only had to go at it for maybe 5 minutes, and i’d made her cum and then she screamed so loud, she got a knock on the door from her RA, asking if everything was okay.  Afterwards, I came back up and then we just laid down with each other on the bed, chit-chatting about the past year and change.

amante I’d had to ask her, how she changed sexually and was willing to do what she did.  She admitted that she had been hurt and fooled around a lot after our breakup, and admitted she’d cheated on me at times during our final month.  I admitted that I’d just had a few flings myself after our breakup.  I wasn’t sure if I’d wanted to resume a relationship that ended so badly.  I did say that I wanted us to become friends again and she agreed.

amante We laid there for awile, enjoying each other’s company, and then it was time for me to head out.  We got dressed and then she kissed me bye, and I was out….

Date: September 14, 2020