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agent that I had met online several days prior and we were hitting it off quite well. We were discussing my difficult schedule and how we could try and line out schedules for a meet. I decided to stop at a local place to have a drink and let her know that if she wanted to join me, she was more than welcome and that drinks were on me. I knew the vicinity of where she lived so I made sure where I stopped was close agent by just in case she actually took me up on the offer.

I arrived and had a drink as I unwound the day all by myself in a booth back in the corner. As I finished my drink off and began the slide out of the booth to head out for the night, a voice said, “Hi handsome!” agent I was taken back a bit but as I looked up to see who it was, I was taken over by the excitement of seeing the sexy lady from this week’s conversations, pics, and videos. I immediately asked her to have a seat across from me and gestured the wait staff to come over for another drink order. We began to talk and pick up right where our texts left off. I guess my smile from ear to ear was pretty noticeable. She was dressed in the prettiest sundress. It was floral pink and I could see herbra was lace underneath. Her brown mane was perfectly fixed with a wave and highlights in all the right areas. Her makeup was perfect and I could smell her from across the table. It was slight hint of berry and vanilla that hit the air.

agent After a couple drinks, I could tell she were starting to feel a buzz and loosen up. I began to 

Date: September 13, 2020