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Adriana Chechik – Shut Up And Fuck Me I was talking to him for a little while about the net service to our office, he knew about it saying, “Yes mam, the main switch board is right here at our technical section, but it can’t be done now, I guess our head office have already told you how complicated it is?”

I said “Sir, nothing is impossible or can’t be done, there must be a way to be negotiated.”

He was sitting behind a little desk away from his office desk looking at some papers when he said “may be, but…”

I got up, walked towards him till I was standing in front of him, I lifted my foot placed my heels over the little desk making my pussy facing his eyes, I had a short skirt and a pair of transparent G-string panties which had barely covered my pussy, the outer pussy lips were almost showing from the sides.

Adriana Chechik – Shut Up And Fuck Me The man was totally shocked, he dropped what was in his hands, his wide-open eyes were fluctuating the looks between my eyes and my pussy and upper thighs all revealed to his eyesight. He did not seem to know what to say, then he looked me straight in the eyes barely able to say:

“what are you doing mam?”

“I want to make a deal with you.”

“What deal?”

I placed my finger under the side of my panties pulling them a side revealing my, waxed, silky soft pussy and saying, “do you like what you see sir?”

While his eyesight was fixated over my bare pussy now, he swallowed his labia mumbling and saying “Like? I would be lying if I said otherwise, I love what I see mam”

Adriana Chechik – Shut Up And Fuck Me I said smiling “what you see now will be all yours to enjoy anyway you want, right after I get a phone call from my office saying the net service is back, do you think it is possible to do so? That is, if you want to get what you see of course?”

Date: August 16, 2021