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Housewife in stockings squirting Munna: Smita madam ya chinal ya fir randi bulau?

Smita: saale dehati apna lund de mere chut main dekhu kitna dum hai?

Munna got mad and pushed it in one go I shouted he caught my hair and said kyu kaisa hai ye dehati?

Smita: chod sale bujha meri chut ki pyaas madarchod

Tejas: saali ek no ki rand hai

Smita: haan hu bosdike lun de apna

Housewife in stockings squirting I started suckin them Munna fucked me streching me like hell but my itch was treatedi cummed 2 more times he cummed in 15 min and cummed on my ass

Then came Muktesh he put my saree down and slept on it I was riding his 9″ thick lund it was heaven he was pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples I cummed 2 more times and cud not stop shouting in pleasure

Munna: saali 1 no ki rand hai isse pehle hi lena chaiya tha itni planning karni ki zarurat nahi thi mera lund dekhti to aa jati

Tejas: haan na itni mast hai

Housewife in stockings squirting He came from behind me caught my boobs kissed my neck I was having goosebumps all over kissed me pushed his tongue in my mouth I was kissing and making love to my colleagues in a toilet wait till my hubby dear hears all this.

Pankaj: tejas saale gaand main daal kutiya ke

Tejas obliged and pushed in my ass it was difficult because i was riding Muktesh hard he cud not cntrol and cummed quickly in me

Housewife in stockings squirting Pankaj was fast to fill in the chut tejas used my cunts semen and and lubricated my ass hole i was still moaning hard he pushed hard i shouted with pleasure pankaj was soft lover and fucked me enjoying my cunt and every part of my body biting me kissing me and i thought big lund was all i needed but tejas and Pankaj fucked me for ½ hr and we all cummed at once it was awesome.

I lied there for on Pankaj and he kissed me Tejas was kissing my back breathless and still his lund in. I was feeling sleepy. We all got up washed up Munna was watching me all through and after all 3 left he came near me and kissed me i took him in my arms kissed him back don’t know wat it was but felt good felt like in love with dehati i laughed at myself and watched him in eyes he was looking down i asked wat it was?

Housewife in stockings squirting Munna: saali itni mast maal hai apne pati ko chodke mere sath chal gaon

Smita laughing, kyu pyaar ho gaya iss chinaal randi aur kya haan kutiyase?

Munna: haan par tujhe roz chodunga biwi banaunga aur.

Smita: aur pure gaonse chudwa ga haan?

Munna: main hare k such dunga tujhe

Smita: bus ab [kissed him] jab dil kare chale aana akele mast chodna iss randi Smita madam ko tikh hai

Munna: tikh hai wapis inn haraami ko chune nahi dena

Smita: laaya to tumne hi tha

Housewife in stockings squirting Munna: pulled me catching my waist kissed aaj se tu meri hai chinnal meri Smita samjhi [and he bite my lips] I shouted ouch

I got dressed and later kissed all them bye Raghu was not coming so munna closed office giving the keys to me. It was as if nothing happened

Munna was in love with me all this time and revenge was because I had insulted him once saying a dehati villager

Housewife in stockings squirting I went home Monty was waiting he saw me all tired and knew something was wrong I got a bath to remove all the stink came in bedroom he was waiting

Monty: what happened?

Smita: you won’t believe I was fucked by my staff

Monty: wow really tell me everthing

Housewife in stockings squirting We had a awesome sex and his lund was loose after Munna and Muktesh stretched my chut but the fervor with monty fucked was no match I love my hubby very much.

Date: January 12, 2020
Actors: abella danger