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19 yo teen I was running late for an afternoon meeting, called unexpectedly by my highly irritating boss. I hurriedly grabbed my umbrella, keys and purse and quickly walked out of my apartment. I was cursing under my breath…or so I thought, as I exited the main floor lobby and out unto the street. I slung my purse and umbrella into the front passenger seat and turned the keys into the ignition. Nothing. No sound. No gurgle. No sputter. Nothing. “SHIT.” Not again…not right now.

19 yo teen Frantically, I reached for my purse. I’d just have to call my sister. I know she’ll be annoyed as Hell but I needed someone!


19 yo teen A loud tap from my passenger side window made me look in that direction and there he stood. He was the mysterious, handsome newcomer to my apartment complex. We’d exchanged glances and the occasional “Hi” every other day or so…which is when we seemed to run into each other. My first impressions of him were superficial….he was so very handsome. He had a beautiful smile too. I blushed mostly when I found myself in his path. Truthfully, I had already fantasized about him locking eyes with me and professing his adoration and complete devotion to me the second day that I saw him. I’m a hopeless romantic….can’t help it. Anne of Green Gables was my favorite book as an adolescent and I still hoped that I’d find my Prince Charming. Cheezy..like cheddar gouda and havarti melted together cheezy….I know. But a gal can dream, right?

Nevertheless….I digress.


19 yo teen Fuck. Fuck FUCK….Not now. Not TODAY. I looked at him, smiled and opened my door to step out. “My my…looks as if you may need a lift somewhere….my guess is that it’s urgent because about 60 seconds ago I could hear your trail of colorful words through my entryway.” Well…Fuck again…I wasn’t talking in my head.

19 yo teen “Ummm Yeah…I mean Yes. I was called into a sudden meeting and my lovely fancy car here..who is way more expensive than she should be has decided to take another day off.” 

Date: May 15, 2020