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A: had your dinner.
M: ya, long way back.
A: so how was everything, are they going well.
M: yes.
A: so what else.
M: can I ask you something.
A: yes, of course, you can.
M: where are you looking at.

19 beauty teeny sex A: the project.
M: not now before this.
A: i took courage and told your mountains.
M: mountains…!
A: yes, they are huge.
M: do you like them.
A: I don’t like them
M: then?
A: I love them…
M: she laughed.
Then there was silence again I brook the ice.

19 beauty teeny sex A: can I ask you something.
M: yes
A: can I touch your mountains
M: now, no what if someone sees.
A: if no one sees there is no problem for you?
M: she was looking down and smiling.

19 beauty teeny sex I got a green signal. I took her to the corner of the room where they installed hydroelectric power plant project which is big. I said no one will see us if we hide behind this.

19 beauty teeny sex I took her behind that and stuck her to the wall. She closed her eyes. I went near her and kept my lips on her lips and started to kiss. She is not opening her mouth. I placed my hands around her waist And pulled her into me her boobs crushed to me. They are so soft like a sponge and her nipples are hard I can feel them over the dress. Now she opened the mouth we started to kiss like anything and I was pressing the boobs over her dress like anything. I broke the kiss she is Moaning haaaaaaa

Date: June 3, 2020