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penetration A nice little town pub with panelled walls and the doors at the rear open and a delicious breeze ran through the rooms. Dee sat down in the corner and I went to the bar to get the drinks. As I stood waiting, the front door opened and the woman’s head peered around it. She soon spied Dee and walked quickly over to her a broad knowing smile across her face.

penetration She leant towards Dee, kissed her on the lips and they spoke to each other before she sat down next to her and they started chatting as if they had known each other for a long time. I was presented with Dee’s drink and I took it over to her.“What would you like to drink?” I asked.“Oh a large G&T please, I think I need it to settle my nerves.” She smiled back at me.

penetration I went back to the bar and bought her drink back to the table with mine and sat the other side of Dee.“Ben, this is Claire. I told you she was a naughty girl, she wants to return the favour, but she wants to go down on me outdoors! Not only that, she’s started already, look!”Dee lifted up her skirt to reveal that Claire’s hand was already mashing against her pussy.

penetration Dee giggled, “She’s soo naughty.”“Come on.” I said. “Let’s drink up and get to the river.”I downed my drink quickly and both girls hurried theirs. I think the photo shoot starts now.” And got my camera out of my pocket. The girls shuffled together and Dee turned to Claire and kissed her on her cheek. They both spread their legs to expose their bare pussies to the camera and Claire’s hand searched out Dee’s pussy. What a great start.“Come on, let’s go.”We all got up and left the pub.

penetration Into the bright sunlight and scampered off along the High Street to the river. Dee and Claire ahead of me, holding hands and occasionally lifting each other’s skirts to reveal to me and whoever might have glimpsed, their bare bums. At the bridge the girls stopped at the park gate. Claire pushed Dee up against it, put her arms around Dee and kissed her deeply.

penetration As I took photos and old man walking his dog surreptitiously stopped as his dog sniffed a post and looked on.The girls broke free and skipped along the path and onto the lightly bushed path, before stepping into the bushes. I caught up with them and peered through the lightly covered area where I watched as the both stripped off their skirts and blouses leaving them with just their bras, stockings and suspenders. They both went to put their coats back on, but I stopped them for a photo of them in just the barest underwear. #boobs #hot #mature #hardcore #penetrationmeaning #penetrationtesting #pentesting #pentest

Date: April 24, 2019