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18 years old beautiful girl At 12.30 AM, my friends showed up. I said hello, and we all sat down at a table. I saw people coming and greeting them. I guess they are very famous there.

Slowly everyone was getting wild. I saw naked people almost everywhere. A couple of guys were eating my friend’s pussy. I ate her pussy hundreds of times, so I was not much interested.

18 years old beautiful girl At 1 AM, a hot drunk lady approached us (Me and my friends). She greeted them, and it looks like they were friends for a long time. My friends introduced me to her.

She said, you’re cute and started touching my dick over my pants.
I was scared she might fall (as she is drunk). She removed my pants, and I was naked waist down. She was already naked. She grabbed my dick and took me to one side of the room where they had a couch.
She laid down on the couch; I started sucking her nipples. People began gathering around us, and I saw 18 years old beautiful girl people watching us and masturbating. I saw men cheering for me. This is very weird; I never had anyone cheering for me during foreplay.

Date: September 12, 2020