18 year painter Stoner Girl Daisy Haze Creampied While High


18 year painter I had only been working in the tech portion of our local, big box consumer electronics store for a few weeks. I started after high school graduation as a temp employee while I was on the Delayed Entry Program for the Army. I was waiting ย as apparently the school for Explosive Ordinance Disposal had a waiting line.

Maybe I was not your typical geek or nerd or whatever you wanted to call it, having started as middle linebacker qnd starting catcher for the baseball team, but I loved tech and had excelled in all computer related labs in school.

18 year painter What I wanted more than computers, I wanted adventure too, so I thought Army. My dad had been in for six years as an Airborne Infantryman and went with me to the recruiters. With his guidance I got what I wanted; it did not hurt that my ASVAB was extremely high according to the recruiter. I figured I would learn the craft, then find a job with one of the bigger bomb disposal teams for a city police department.

I was standing over by the TVโ€™s with Henry, one of the associates in that area when she came in.

โ€œAw, shit man. Karenโ€™s here.โ€

18 year painter โ€œWho is Karen?โ€

โ€œYou know that internet meme Karen? The let me speak to your manager Karen?โ€

I nodded.

โ€œWe have our very own, down to the name and haircut.โ€

I laughed, โ€œno way dude.โ€

He pointed to a lady who looked about forty with that haircut and she looked pissed.

โ€œOh, wow dude.โ€ I now was trying not to laugh out loud.

โ€œShe buys shit all the time then comes in bitching about everything she buys. Best part,โ€ he looked at me, โ€œher name really is Karen.โ€

โ€œOh, come on dude.โ€

18 year painter โ€œFor reals, Hommie.โ€

I headed up toward the tech counter as she stood in line looking like she was about to have a stroke her face so red. I also noticed if she smiled, she would be pretty. Hell, she would be a MILF. I heard Shell, one of the associates at the counter, call for Robbie to the counter over the P.A.

Date: August 8, 2020