Young Sister Fucks Step Brother During Family Christmas Home Party

Family Christmas

Family Christmas Home Party : Christmas had to be the most wonderful time of the year. I come from a large family; although I am an only child I had a shitload of cousins. Occasionally in summer we got together for a camp out somewhere in New Hampshire. But it was Christmas, at least three families would gather for a festive moment in time. It would be crazy for a day or two when everybody would be in a cheery frame of mind. There would food galore, presents to unwrap and drinking for the adults.

Family Christmas Home Party : There are certain “first” events in your life that are never forgotten. Like the first time you get drunk, your first hand job, but definitely the first time you get laid. Like me you probably remember more details than any other incident. I got laid that Christmas, and I recollect it very well even after all these years.

Family Christmas Home Party : That previous summer in Crawford Notch camping with Mom, Dad and my Uncles family I got my first sample of a female’s body. There were three girls in my Uncles family; Lynn who was the same age as me and two younger sisters. Swimming in the Swift River going through some mild rapids the top of Lynn’s bikini came off, I was standing six feet away from a set of tits! But it was the areolas and nipples, puffy and pink that I could not get out of my head for the next six months. I think I got an erection in two minutes lasting the rest of the afternoon.

Family Christmas Home Party : It was six months later; those same breasts arrived the Friday before Christmas. The big day wasn’t until Thursday. My Uncle wanted show his wife Gloria some places of interest in Boston and visit some other relatives in the upcoming week. It was when she took off her parka that floored me. Those wimpy tits from last summer had developed into something worth looking at. She had a taut fitting pullover shirt on making them appear weighty. Later I would find out that they were not gigantic but they were surely improved.

Family Christmas Home Party : After Chinese food that evening it was decided that the younger girls would sleep with their parents and Lynn would bunk in my room on a small fold-away cot leaving room for my Uncle Jim and his crew when they arrived in few days. I was enormously happy with that decision. There would be someone else sharing my room with us when Uncle Jim showed up. If they only knew how happy I was or what would happen in the upcoming days it would have never happened.

Family Christmas Home Party : All I wanted for Christmas was a fleeting glimpse of her mammary glands. Man oh man did I get my wish. The first night we stayed up late while the old folks yakked it up, Lynn and I retreated to the basement rumpus room which was nicely done over before we decided to retire. I took my shower and did my daily jerk off session with the vision of Lynn’s tits dancing in my head. Lynn headed in right after I hit the sack. It was dark in the room and all she had on was a towel wrapped around her body. I wished for the towel to drop but that didn’t happen. Retreating back to the bathroom across the hall I watched Lynn through a partially open door as the towel was removed and she put on her flannel pajamas.

Family Christmas Home Party : Damn those tits looked good; it was hard sleeping with those sugarplums dancing in my head. She settled down into the cot while I laid in my comfortable doubled sized bed. After catching up on our lives for the next hour we became totally comfortable with each other. It was a good thing I had the covers pulled up to hide my erection as she twisted around trying to get comfy.

“This cot sucks, I just can’t get cozy.”

Hmmm was that just a statement or an invitation.

“We could always share the bed; there is plenty of room. But we would have to set the alarm before the folks get up. Might not look good two of us in the same bed they might get ideas, not that they should or anything.” Even in the dim light of the room I thought I saw a devilish smirk cross her face as she contemplated her next move. I also felt a little more blood concentrating in my dick.

“Remember no funny business or I go back to the cot.”

Family Christmas Home Party : Under the covers in a flash we continued to talk for another hour as we grew sleepy. Then it was morning, with only a few hours sleep throwing the covers back I reached over the resting body to shut the alarm clock off. Lynn may have been listless but her eyes caught mine. I didn’t fully retract and rested my arm across her tummy while staring at each other. I wanted so bad to move it up her body but thought better. I scuttled closer without objection to my surprise, close enough that our bodies were touching for a minute or two.

Family Christmas Home Party : My intentions were good but as I crawled over her body my foot became entangled in the blanket twisting me up causing me to tumble down on top of my cousin, specifically between her partially parted legs. Making it worse I had a hard time getting my balance. Rising upward we once again stared into each other’s eyes.

Family Christmas Home Party : Two things happened, first I stopped trying to get off her and second she didn’t yell or push me off. I felt my body slip further between her legs as I rested my head besides her. From that moment on pure animal instincts took control. Lynn never contested my moves. It was small heaves at my hips as the rigid flesh slid along her crotch. My mind told me to remove myself from this situation but nature took its course. It was just like humping the pillow masturbating but there was a mysterious pleasure stimulating my hard-on.

Family Christmas Home Party : I was never forceful, on my elbows she was able to push me away but didn’t. Softly I continued going in measured movements not wanting to panic her. It was fast approaching and when Lynn’s arms surrounded my torso it was over. This was it; deep in my body the fluids began to boil traveling up the conduit until my BVD briefs were filling with a warm liquid to my satisfaction. My limp and exhausted body slumped against hers. I think that was the quickest I ever orgasmed, two minutes maybe?

I could feel the wetness and began to wonder how I got here; I also felt her fingers traveling around my backside almost comforting me. I quickly arose as to not have parents catch us. Embarrassingly looking down at the dark wet patch on both mine and her pajamas I attempted to utter an apology.

“Lynn, I am so sorry. I never meant for that to happen.”

Family Christmas Home Party : And I stumbled out to the bathroom letting hot water flow over me I tried to answer the obvious questions. How and why but mostly was she going to freak and tell someone. I didn’t care about the how and why but to my surprise she was waiting for me when I returned.

“Lynn I really didn’t mean that, please understand it was a mistake.”

There was a look of anger on her face but then she began to sneer. “Rob, it’s no big deal my boyfriend has done a few times.”

“He has?”

“Yeah, I let him; he seems to enjoy it as you did.”

Family Christmas Home Party : And the conversation turned awkward. “Have you done anything….. else?

“As in… like sex? No and we won’t, I don’t like him that much to give him my virginity. I let him do it because he likes it and I like it.”

“Do you keep your clothes on, have you been naked or has he?”

“The rule is no. I know if we were to remove any I would break down under pressure. We have never seen each other’s body; I let him feel my breast over my clothes.

With a long delay finally she muttered something I never thought I would hear. “Maybe later, tonight you could do it again…. If you wanted to that is?”

“But…. But we’re cousins…. Are we supposed to do things like that? I mean I will if you let me.”

Family Christmas Home Party : I was looking at her in a completely different light now. The conversation went on confessing our souls to each other. Seems we both had done a lot of kissing, I had never touched a girl’s body, Lynn on the other hand had let her boyfriend feel her titties through her clothes, she had never felt him up and had no idea what his dick looked like. She knew he was cumming but had no concept of what was involved. We made a secret pact that under her permission we could have a repeat performance, I was more than happy. If I was able to dry hump her again it would be the best Christmas present of all time. I would be sure to take my time.

Family Christmas Home Party : So it was a long day and evening, with parents or her sisters around nothing could be said. I thought it would never come, and not wanting to rush things like I was begging for it I kept my cool until Mom said we should all retire as we had a busy day coming up. I had the luxury of having my bedroom on the end of the hallway with a attic staircase between the next bedroom giving me privacy to make unwanted noise be from the record player or horsing around with friends. That night it would be a different horsing around.

Family Christmas Home Party : She first settled on the cot. “We can share the bed if you like?” I was unsure of how to proceed. This morning had been a flub-up. This was different. We grew tired, I knew we would be asleep in a few minutes, I took her hand into mine, there was no response, I began to stroke her arm, no response, and I then turned towards her and snuggled up close, very close. Then she responded, turning to her side we laid close facing each other and then we merged together kissing each other.

“That was weird, kissing my cousin.”

“Yeah it was.”

Family Christmas Home Party : This time although barbaric, a minute later our tongues converged and another few minutes with her consent I was between her legs dry humping my cousin. That time was different; Lynn had spread her legs wider and even bent her legs at the knees wedging me amid them. I successfully prevented the end consequences of rubbing my dick along the lines of her cunt. I did last longer than this morning but not much. Several times on the verge of letting loose I interrupted my stemming orgasm. Several times of that I just went with the flow, no pun intended. And how it did flow.

Family Christmas Home Party : When jerking off I wanted that satisfaction of relief, I found that delaying by edging it was so much enjoyable. I stayed on top of my cousin in the aftermath glow, our pelvic regions literally glued together before I rolled off. My briefs were a mess and to uncomfortable to keep on. I fished around in my bureau and stripped off my underpants. Pulling them up past my knees, looking across a darkened room, Lynn was sitting up watching. My dick was hanging, not entirely soft but some firmness left in it.

“It felt so hard when you were on top.”

“Hmm… yeah I guess it was but it goes soft after I….. you know…. do it”

Family Christmas Home Party : In just my underpants we cuddled ourselves to sleep. The alarm went off way to soon. This time there was no hesitation, worming onto her willing body then releasing another warm load of cum into my underpants. My Mom was going to be asking questions why I had so many dirty ones. Lynn fixed that problem later doing a load of laundry that day in helping out around the house. I couldn’t wait until tonight. I was afraid if I kept up this pace I would run out of cum before she went home.

Family Christmas Home Party : I never envisioned that this would cumulate to me getting laid. I would never attempt it, even if she was willing. I put in a little thought before getting in bed. The folks were still drinking downstairs; Lynn took her shower before I did. I purposely wore my robe. I stood sideways next to my bureau, dick half-staff and pulled on my pajamas without underpants while Lynn’s eyes opened to the size of saucers.

Lynn was really getting into dry humping, not only was she urging me on physically with her hands grabbing me while roaming my backside besides uplifting her ass she started to quietly voice her affection muttering little intimate promptings.

Family Christmas Home Party : I couldn’t resist, my hands traveled from our sides onto her tits never uttering a complaint as my fingers unbuttoned that first button, nor the second. It wasn’t until my mouth descended onto that pink puffy nipple.

“Wait….. Going a little too fast here.”

After sucking the nipple in my mouth tonguing it, she went silent with the objections.

As before I edged the orgasm. There were benefits in no underwear, I was that much closer to a pussy, and when I did cum although wet I could deal with it. I didn’t roll off her; I stayed in place giving her tender kisses that again worked down to her tits. I soon found out what turned her on the most, not just sucking the swollen nipple but gracious nibbles caused a stir with-in her.

Family Christmas Home Party : Then we heard the footsteps of a bathroom visitor. Scrambling back to her cot there was no need for concern but to be on the safe side we slept in separate beds. I couldn’t help but notice the wet spot on her pajamas that I had left.

Needless to say we repeated the same performance again the next night but at a decidedly different level. It started off the exact same way. This time I watched for eyes as they traced every move I made. My dick was semi-erect when I pulled the pajamas up; tonight she didn’t wear pajamas but replaced them with a loose fitting gown. I would not realize what a benefit that would turn out to be.

Family Christmas Home Party : That night we cuddled and kissed as my hands explored her tittie’s over the thin worn fabric. We both seemed to be agitated beyond previous accounts. The only way there would be skin on skin was to pull the gown up. There was no opposition and it was Lynn who pulled it over her head. It was Lynn who would suckle my nipples first and this just stirred me further. It had to be an hour we laid there sucking each other’s nipples hands flowing over our upper bodies, nibbles onto our necks before I mounted her.

Family Christmas Home Party : In complete alliance although not physically we fucked. In desperation to get closer without her knowledge I had maneuvered to get my pajamas down to my knees, now my dick was rubbing against her panties, the delicate fabric protected her cunt from me entering. I think at that moment we were both in such a fever if I pulled them aside there would have been penetration.

Family Christmas Home Party : I could only take so much stimulation of this grinding, I was all done. The rubbing of my dick on the velvety panties and the silky skin of her thighs caused a wallop release of an orgasm, seemingly never ending I dispensed a considerable quantity of sperm while huffing loudly that I was “doing it” frosting her panties and thighs with thick globs of sperm not slowing my pace, just pounding my pecker into her groin.

Family Christmas Home Party : Exhausted, I rolled over, my dick softening covered in cum as Lynn sat upwards. She took a look at my dick for a spell then glanced at her messy crotch. I took my time and made sure I used only one layer of cloth when I attempted to clean her panties. It was no use, I wiped away a few curdling globules of boy juice but most of it had already soak thru the material. Since they were tight fitting and saturated with my nut butter her vulva line showed through. It was Lynn who pushed my hand away. I slept naked that night while Lynn kept her dank underwear on.

Family Christmas Home Party : It was Tuesday morning, the day before Christmas Eve, before the alarm sounded there were voices outside my door. Scurrying back into our proper places just as the feeble knock came upon the door. It would be a busy day for the family, no time for a cleansing shower. At breakfast our rolls were finalized. Dad would be working; Uncle Jim and Aunt Gloria were off to Boston for some shopping and a little sightseeing. Lynn and Mom would do housework and finish the last of decorating then take Lynn’s sisters to a movie matinee leaving me without chores. I was off to a friend’s house.

Family Christmas Home Party : I was eager to spill the beans to Chris but struggled with his reaction. I was sure he would want to hear all the fine points on how I almost fucked Lynn, but I was unsure how it would appear to him and my friends about fucking a blood relative. I decided to keep my trap shut but it was hard. After a few hours together we got bored and I headed for home.

Family Christmas Home Party : The weather forecast was for cold to return tomorrow along with snow but today it was a warm day for Massachusetts, two days before Christmas and the temperature was registering almost sixty. As I walked into the kitchen I felt it hit me. My dad supplemented the heating system with a wood stove and it had been blazing hot all day.

“We’re off to the movies, Dad is bringing home pizza, your Uncle and Aunt should be home around five.”

“Where’s Lynn? Is she going with you?”

“No, she’s up in the attic putting boxes away, I want you to go up and help her. After you’re done make some lunch. She’s been working hard all morning and deserves a break.”

Family Christmas Home Party : Trudging up the stairs I wondered what mischief the two of us could get into this afternoon. I could hear her at the top of the attic stairs. The attic was cool compared to the second floor where all the heat had concentrated. Lynn had always looked good but today she was ragged. Her long black hair stringy, tattered and a mess. Her clothes in shambles, covered in dust and grime. Mom must have worked her tremendously hard to get everything in order. She waited at the top of the stairs with a grimaced face, I didn’t know what to expect but as soon as I reached the top her face beamed with passion and I received a warm hug.

Family Christmas Home Party : “I’m a mess; I was your Mom’s free slave for the morning. It was so hot doing her requested chores I was sweating like a pig and probably smell like one too. I need that missed shower.”

I would never admit it but as we embraced I inhaled a disgusting body odor arising from her.

I followed like a puppy dog into my room and made small work in my junk pile while she got ready for a shower. Lynn was not apprehensive at all about getting undressed. I took in the sight of her naked body in all its glory as I approached her. There was the most stunning and beautiful thing I had ever seen. This was daylight in full view a naked young girl standing before me. Her tits were becoming womanly; cone shaped jutting outward with no sag. But it was what I had sucked on that made them, areolas that joined the nipples as one, bloated and puffy and a muted pinkish in color.

Family Christmas Home Party : In seconds as only a teenage schlong can my pecker turned into a raging boner. Her pussy hair matched the flowing head hair that hung on her shoulders, dark black and sparse as it disappeared into her unseen camel toe. I was in love, not her personally but her body. I was not disappointed in dreams of what a naked girl would look like.

Family Christmas Home Party : We kissed deeply. Nuzzling my kisses into her hairline set off a series of events. She took to that delightfully causing additional body movement against mine. She fell backward sprawling her upper body on the bed with her legs dangling over the edge. I took a knee in each hand spreading those lengthy legs apart enough that her taco came into view. I fell to my knees, having no clue of what I was doing I laid kisses on her calves and worked to her thighs.

There still was that scent of body odor surrounding her and it was taking its toll on my ability to focus. I had only heard of people doing it and wasn’t sure of myself but pushed ahead and made one lick of my tongue into Lynn’s gash.

No, this wasn’t for me, it was overpowering, her sweat, pussy stench, my left-over cum, and acidic urine trapped in the folds and a light odor of dirty ass waffled upwards. Maybe another day or another time I would retry.

Family Christmas Home Party : Rising before my naked goddess teenage hormones went into full swing. Without evaluating the circumstances I promptly began a hasty removal of my clothes pulling my shirt and tee shirt off in one whack, kicking off my tennis shoes and my pants were nearly ripped off. With only my underwear and socks on I stood in front of my blood relative, my first cousin as she laid waiting for the next move.

I slid a thumb in each side of my underpants and anxiously drew them downward seizing the engorged head of my dick in the waistbands front. Entrapped and forcing it outward until the tension involuntary released it. The forceful release announced its freedom with an audible slap against my tummy to Lynn’s astonishment and curiosity.

Family Christmas Home Party : “Oh my God Rob! I didn’t know it was that big! It didn’t look that big last night and definitely didn’t feel that big. How could a girl ever fit that inside her, there is just no way!”

I sensed the apprehension in her voice. Being the first pecker she had seen up close I understood, but it was not that big, after all it was only a teenage dick at the time, a guess it was five and one half inches long but it was relatively thick for the length.

Family Christmas Home Party : I hastily finished the removal of my underpants leaving them dangling around my right ankle. Still in place on the bed with her legs hanging off at the knees I picked up her ankles and expanded them broadly.

I then moved forward stepping between her long legs with my very hard and vertical boner sticking sinfully straight up.

This was the real deal; except for a pair of white socks we were naked as jaybirds. Between her spread legs I stood staring down at a bearded clam looking as it was still going thru puberty with the meager hair covering it. My woody was sticking straight up waiting for a command to march forward. The tension in the air was profuse, both Lynn and myself unsure of ourselves. This had come about in four short days; this is not the way it’s supposed to take place. There was no love involved; it was pure experimentation and lust.

Family Christmas Home Party : With my pecker in hand, leaning down slightly aiming it at her beaver I knew in less than a minute it would be in a happy place. Just as the head brushed against her cunt I felt her body contract in fear.

“No…..we can’t…..please don’t do it.” Her legs buckled in an effort to evade my intrusion.

I heard the fear in her voice but the expression on her face was telling a different story. I squeezed the length of the large tube on my dick releasing droplets of clear and slick pre-cum as the head rode the contour of her vulva. Up and down I stimulated those puffy cunt lips while deciding if I should actually insert it inside her body.

“Rob, please I don’t want to do it. Please listen to me, please.”

Family Christmas Home Party : Never had I been this worked up wanting something, not wanting to push my luck I did not depress myself into her but continued the stimulation waiting for a tell tale sign; I just had to fuck her.

“I promise to go slow, at your pace Lynn, please let me put it in.”

“No….No, I never meant it go this far, the other stuff was OK but not full sex.”

Family Christmas Home Party : I knew at that point it was of no use. She would never consent to it. I debated in my mind if I should just go-ahead and fuck her but after a minute I decided it too risky. I kept up my stride going up and down the outside of her cunt with the occasional accidental slip past her polished pussy lips. This went on for a few minutes when it turned too hard to take. I didn’t even bother edging this time; I wanted to fulfill my mission. It twitched, it began to spasm, it quivered then it sprayed out a long rope of boy cum hidden from view with the tip of my pecker wedged securely up close to the gash in her cunt.

Family Christmas Home Party : After her cunt crevice received the initial syrupy injection moving back my prick slipped away resting on the thinly covered mound where two additional lengthy eruptions of cum peculated from its pee hole streaming all the way to her perky tits. A few feeble beads bubbled out completing the damage.

“I was scared Rob you would put it in, but thank you for not. I really need that shower.” With a glob of my seed dangling on her pussy lips she arose heading for the bathroom with me in tow.

She stood back from the jet of hot water soaping her teenage body. I couldn’t resist and stepped into the watery flow to join her. Together we hastily soaped each other’s bodies before a cleansing rinse. While we took turns drying each other I began to get hard again as she took her time with it. Grabbing my hand she led the way back to my bed.

Family Christmas Home Party : It was awkward at first having almost fucked her but we settled down as she asked questions about the mechanics of my dick. After a few minutes we were locked in an embrace before I kissed my way down her body. That taste kept resurfacing in my mind but I would give it another try.

Family Christmas Home Party : No clue that day but I licked and sucked her pussy, the previous taste and smell now gone. Finally it dawned on me, I had just squirted cum between those lips and now I was sucking it out. I didn’t know if I should be sick to my stomach or turned on by it. Lynn was enjoying it immensely letting out these slight squeaks when I hit her clit. If I had only known it was a clit and what it was for I could have made her a happy girl.

Family Christmas Home Party : She took her liberties with my dick running her petite fingers the length of it taking time to massage the nuts in my sack; she learned quick what I liked. She bent down took a lick on the front of it and inhaled the head swirling her tongue around the tip before backing away. Now here we were, two teenagers in heat just having their sexes orally set on fire the next logical pursuit would be full sex, I was sure it wouldn’t take place, but I had to try.

Kissing her body she allowed me to crawl between her legs, my dick at full attention almost to the point it was hurting. I wanted this one to last and seeing as how I had just cummed minutes ago I figured I had a good chance. If I got to do what I did before having my dick that close to her I would be happy.

Family Christmas Home Party : We kissed deeply; I kissed her face, neck and hairline. He body was moving under my weight, I felt her pelvic region lifting slightly to my advances coming into contact with my pecker. I made small movements with it running it up and down her vulva, her hands went on my back, and I thought I felt them pulling me closer. I took the chance and pushed against it, I felt wetness on her cunt lips probably from the infusion of seed, leftover spit, more pre-cum and her own secretions.

“No Rob…..Please don’t.” Her words were not convincing.

“Just the head of it……Just the tip no more I promise! I have to Lynn!”


“I swear no more than that.” I felt those hands pulling me closer again.

Family Christmas Home Party : I pushed at her cunt gently, but very slowly until the head was firmly lodged just alongside the taut lips of her crotch pocket. I wanted so bad to put it all in but knew better and would wait for another time when she might be comfortable with it. I made these mini pokes in and out just like I was fucking. I felt her feet come up higher on the sheets. I knew nothing on how we should be positioned but nature does. Her feet came elevated and soon they were off the bed with her knees bent. This was hard to understand. In this arrangement it was making it easier for my mini thrusts.

And then there were her hands and arms pulling me downward, I went for it, I pushed a little more inward.

“No! No further!” there was desperation in her words but her body still said something different.

Family Christmas Home Party : I knew girls had cherries, hymens whatever you called them, and I was in contact with Lynn’s. What I didn’t know was they hurt when they get pierced. I slowly worked the end of my dick in and out of the outer edge of her pussy lips, and then on one of my mini thrusts I went a little too far. I wasn’t very far inside her when I felt something give and my dickhead passed a tight constrictive ring of tissue.

“NOOOO! Oh My God Rob take it out, take it out your killing me, I’m hurting down there, Oh My God please take it out.”

I did two things, first I thought I had died and gone to Heaven, my dick had never felt anything as mind-blowing as this. Having jerked off countless times this was different; Lynn’s cunt was warm, wet, and squeezing my teenage dick with its tightness. At the time I was not all that endowed, I still had about an inch outside the breach in her groin. I stood firm in the attack not budging at all, laying still on her young body. My breathing was ragged as I attempted to regain my composure.

Family Christmas Home Party : “I’m in pain Rob…. It really hurts badly, I begging you, can you please stop, it’s just too big to go in me, and I’m too small for it.”

“I’m already inside, can I leave it for maybe a minute so I can find out what it’s like. Just a minute and then I’ll take it out, please can I?”

There was a long silence. I think she must have become comfortable with the violation of her body since she didn’t scream when I force down the final inch into her cunt.

“You had better take it out after a minute or I’m going to be pissed.”

Family Christmas Home Party : I took it extremely slow for the next minute. Gradually pulling out only an inch or so each time and putting it in full again. The demand to pull out was forgotten as I progressively became more active to the point my dick head was nearly falling out on the withdrawals. I wanted so badly to start a rapid pace but was terrified if I did she would object and it would come to an end. So I kept up the snail’s pace, easy in, easy out over and over before I gradually started a faintly vigorous rhythm.

The tension in the room was overpowering but it was almost totally quiet. My breathing was echoing in my head coming in quick breaths, Lynn was gurgling these almost inaudible chirps but the noise I primarily heard was when I pushed completely inside her pussy hole, the slapping of my nut bag against the young girls body.

Family Christmas Home Party : With the hot air of the house, the warm shower my family jewels were hanging low in their sack. I felt a wetness covering the front of them which I would confirm later was the remnants of her maidenhood. So wet, so tight this had to be the best Christmas present any boy could receive.

Family Christmas Home Party : Lynn’s legs were reacting to my increased tempo, airborne and soaring around with each thrust as her hands kept straining to get my closer to hers. We fucked like that for what seemed like eternity. In reality it more like five of six minutes, maybe more, I had lost all awareness of time. It was so much easier this time when the sensation to orgasm approached to let it fade by stopping my onslaught and resting while kissing her. I did this numerous times until I was ready mentally not physically. I found a second orgasm is very controllable and predictable. I was getting close even with my pauses which were coming closer each time.

It was Lynn who was taking control of the situation becoming vocal whispering for more with low husky sounding commands as her body arched upward each time I went in asking me for my sperm. I was ready to answer that request.

Family Christmas Home Party : After all the stopping and restarts I was hastily approaching my pending orgasm. I continued wanting it to happen this time around. My tempo increased so I was slamming into her constricted pootang, my sack making obscene sounds as it collided with her asshole.

“Oh My God Rob, I can’t take it anymore, something is happening down there, I’m sorry I said no, keep going, please don’t stop.”

I will never know for sure but she may have had an orgasm that day while I pounded her for all it was worth. Her body was in motion at all times making it difficult, but in my mind I would like to think she did.

Family Christmas Home Party : It was there, what we all wait for. The female’s body is designed to fool young innocent males to spill in its depths. The body tells us to spill out seed, to splatter the inside of the female to re-populate the Earth and without knowing it that was my strategy. I knew I would appreciate this one. As my prick stiffened I immediately slowed down the strokes back to a crawl. My buttocks tightened into steel like muscles while unseen in my body my prostrate opened its valve as did my sack of sperm. My dick started its culmination of this stimulation, it contracted, it twitched and began to spasm.

Family Christmas Home Party : I pushed my young body down and hard forcing every last inch into my victim’s tube. Never even thinking of the consequences of releasing inside her I went past the point of no return. My mind was spinning, I became light headed with desire, I felt every move my body made but what I felt most was the triumph in surrendering that initial spurt of nut butter. It had to have sprayed her cervix on its way to her uterus and following that inaugural explosion of cum there were several additional expulsions before they weakened.

Family Christmas Home Party : My body stayed fixed until I was through discharging before it began to relax. Finally I came back to my senses, my head cleared; I then realized what pleasure really meant. My adolescent cousin under my weight was still cooing in my ear. She was in as much paradise as I was. I was through, but my body told me I was not as I began to thrust hard again hoping to push my sperm deeper. The feeling of fucking was now distinctive; it lost its feeling of wetness replaced with a greasy and slick feeling with each push.

Family Christmas Home Party : I felt it on my floppy sack, the wetness as it expand onto my thighs, the warm white cum was being forced from Lynn’s overflowing cunt hole. But all good things come to an end, my stiffness was fading and soon I fell from her pussy not able to continue. I staggered around to the beds end picking up the towel and commenced cleaning myself. With my thighs and dick cleaned I wiped under the empty sack that enclosed my nuts to find the white towel soiled with a shade of crimson of her hymen.

I was in awe knowing I had taken her womanhood, I stood looking at her parted legs, proud it was my cum that was being surrendered in globules flowing downward past the pink rosebud of her asshole and collecting in a pool on the sheets. My cum was tainted with the remnants of her cherry, still a milky whitish in color it still a distinct radiance of pink.

Family Christmas Home Party : Then terror hit as the door swung wide open. Unbeknown to us my Uncle Jim had arrived a day early. While he and his wife unloaded the station wagon, Dave our cousin had bolted inside the house in an attempt to surprise us. Here Dave stood in the doorway, his jaw wide open a look of confusion on his face before turning to a look of anticipation as his stare went between my dick and Lynn’s tattered cunt that was oozing the residue of my ejaculation .

“What the Hell have you guys been doing?”

Before either of us could explain or even make an effort to cover up he marched further in the door as he began to unbuckle his belt…..

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