I Want To Drink All The Juices Of Sister ( The Real Fuck Story In Asia ) Part-1


I Want To Drink All The Juices Of Sister ( The Real Fuck Story In Asia ) Part-1

Do you do with your sister?

Ravi – Didi I Love You .. (Saying mad like crazy, Pael tried to take a full swing, but Ravi was sticking to his chest with his chest)

Paleel-Robi I’m going to leave me ah .. discount me

Ravi-sister, your body is soft .. how much it feels like you hugs.

Paleel – I’m sorry for my … .. (I think I’m desperate for Chad’s “bad”

Rowdy and Paleel got up and left for him to listen to what he said and kept hugging.

Pailel – Robi, at this moment, you go out of this room and will never try to come to my room again.

Rabi- (for his own misery) Well, Dad … and do not do it .. You should also lie down .. I will not wait to see you, I will lie down to see you.

Phelle is a little relieved to sleep beside him. Sleeping Pailel looks at the face of Robi and Robi is having fun watching her sister’s crew. After a while-


Pale-hu ..

Rabi – (smile laughs) Sister … brother and I do not know what is doing at the time?

Palele (smiling) I do not know .. (I think you do not know, brother may be thinking of frying the pussy)



Robi (smile) I say?

Paleel- (eye color) started again?

Robi – I will not say well .. but one thing to say?

Palele – what …

Robi – why do you bathe in the bathroom naked?

Palele- (wondering what’s the color?) … how did you know that ..

Rabi – (keeping your hands on Pailel’s waist) Sister, when you bathe while naked, you can not understand what you like … If you want to take a bath I see you naked every day.

Palele- (a pressure of her to hear her) “Bad” does not shame her sister to see her naked?

Ravi-Sister, I can wait for seven people to see Pheja naked like you, true sister, all your body is tough sexy (and Paleel’s waist moves slowly)

Pailel (Pallael’s face turns red in the face of Robi) You’re the big “devil” ray ..

Ravi-Didi do not get caught by me once. I do not really do anything

Paleel – (smile smiles) ..

Robi-sister-in-law, just look at me

He heard that he was warming up listening to Robi’s voice. His mind also hugged Ravi and wanted to sleep but he was not daring. He said to himself – See how Robi is calling you these … Pressing the press, give the peace to my friends … today’s sex to your sister … your thickness is beautiful … my pussy will burst.

What do you think?


Pailel – Nothing

Ravi – Well, sister came to me a little bit.

Paola’s crib began to cut water in such a lascivious behavior and speech. When Robi closed his eyes on his cheek, Pailela closed the eyes and Robi understood the opportunity to look forward to Pailela. Pahela’s breath started to dense. Drawing Robi Paleel closer to her face, taking her face closer to her face.

Robi – Didi not open the eyes .. now you sleep?

He opened the eyes and saw Robi so close and closed his eyes.

Do not look at me, Ravi-Didi.


Pail eyes open very slowly and look at Robi’s eyes. Their lips are so close that it seems to be so close. Rabi keeps his hand on his waist and keeps his hands on his waist and hair, and looks at the eyes of Pailel. The sensation of the face of Pailel starts to get wet.

Ravi-Didi, your lips are like a pretty pink petal.

Palele has quietly listened to her but she does not answer. Pyaellah was very good to hear about Robbie and her mind wanted to catch her in the face of her brother, but why she was not brave.

Ravi-Didi, who knows who is lucky to drink your chestnut juice

Palele- (To remove the face of Robi from a little bit of a smile, someone should drink or not) Now you are going to die for drinking your sister’s throat juice

Ravi – You are very strict sister. Do not have any kindness to your brother, at least once, let’s drink your creampie juice.


Palele (pushing smile) When your wife comes, drink her lips as she likes.

Ravi-sister-in-law will she be beautiful like you? If you become mine, then there is no word.

Paleel (looking at her smile) wants to get her own sister?

Robi-sister-in-law can be a way to do it.

Pailel – There is no way.

Robi – Well, I do not have any fondness in my fate or not, I can pray to God for what you have not got, so that you send me my wife to the next generation. (That is, trying to sleep with eyes closed.)

Pailel smiled and looked at her smiling. Robi closed his eyes for a long time and paul falle falle and looked at her, she smiled. Whenever Robi opened his eyes, when he opened his eyes, Pelle kept his head in the head of Robi and said in his heart: “Shaitan”, you are quite handsome, so the girls go into a pot. Her mother started to grow up to Robi and she started to rub her head with her hand and started groaning her cheeks.

Paleel- (slowly) did you sleep?

Robi was awake but he did not open his eyes. Robel jumped once again and said, “How did he sleep?” Robi kept quiet. Pailel kept watching Robi for a little more time. When she could not meet again, she slowly turned her face and kissed Robi’s forehead and looked at Ravi. His mind did not rest


And this time, Pailel started pushing inside the chest. He kept his lips on his lips and kept a deep kiss. When Pailel kissed Robi’s lips, Paella’s pussy was wet and she felt strange kind of pleasure. Pawel could not hold himself and started hugging Robi and keeping kissing with his lips. Her cord became a headache and her grinders became more taut. The maiden bottle becomes stiff and stiff. Pailel kissed his lips and kept raising his lips again, kissed his lips and kissed it repeatedly. The smell of her sister’s body in Robi’s nose kept him mad. She feels tremendous peace with her sister-in-law. She kept quiet after sleeping drama. After some time, Payel became more desperate, and with a lot of frankness, he put Rabi’s hand on his thick thick stretch and kept his hand on Robi’s hand and started to chew slowly and kissed loudly on Robi’s lips. Robel became crazy in the attack by Paelel, but he kept his feet on the waist of a sack by hugging him more tightly, and Pelle also hugged him more and kissed him. Pailel’s mother was throbbing with two chests of Robi. Robi was holding her hand in her waist and dragging her to her side. Paleel’s pussy was waved alone. Robi was able to understand Paleel’s situation and he started pounding Paleel’s lips in his face with the opportunity of this condition. Prabel thought he was awake, but Prabel tried to separate from him, but Robi hugged him and started pushing her with a loud jerk and Pelle got disturbed by his behavior.


Paleel- Ah … leave you Robi …

Ravi-Didi, do not interrupt me anymore … Today you want to drink all the juices of your youth.

Paleel – Ahh Ahh Robi is wrong … leave me

Rabi – what is wrong now and what is right I do not want to know anything.

That’s why Robi pulled out the skirt of Pailel and put his hand on his stoop straight and inserting his hand inside the pants and holding fingers on the frozen pots and keeping Paleel on his side. Pyaelli is absolutely impressed by this behavior of Robi. Like Robi Berham, PelĂ©’s crazy punk pressed on one hand and the other with her hands. Although Phelil tried to get away from him, but he could not reach Robi’s strength, and Payal’s legs would be as if he was asleep. Suddenly, Robi reached the body of Pyaella and began to press her like a madman in the two hands and started sucking after keeping Piaalal’s lips on. Phelle gets frustrated with excitement and the morale of the obstacle gets diminished and her pussy becomes wet. Paleel’s fawn look turns red like tomato and closes his eyes. Then Robi suddenly took his hand down and put his hand inside Pailail’s pants and kept his swollen fist with his hand tightly and kept it tight and revealed the tension. Before Pyaell realized something, Robi Payel’s legs were beaten by Robi Panti on his face and kept on the lap. While trying to push Pailel, Robi kept his shirt with two hands and kept a kiss and waist after the other. Robi suddenly lifted up his face from Paelel’s pussy and left him and looked at Payel. On seeing this, Pailel looked at Robi with his eyes and saw Robi looking at him, and Pelel was ashamed and covered his face with two hands. When Robi looked at Piail with a trick, and seeing Robi doing nothing, Pail saw Robi with his face, then after seeing his eyes, Robi turned his eyes in sight and Pelle turned back in shame and turned his face into pillow. In front of Robi’s eyes, Paleel’s panty in front of him, which is in captivity inside the soft thalatheal. Without delay, Robi pulls down the pawn pants and pelted naked naked naked in front of her. Robi can not hold herself with her swollen ass, so she keeps kissing like a madman on her big-sized face. Now he started dragging his two hands in two hands and kissed him. Pael kept ablaze the bed she had put on the abyss and started poking fun with his brother. Shouting Robi opens the panty and pulls it down, so the pellet is completely lantern from the bottom. Now he lifts Paleel straight and Pahel hides his face in his hands. Ravi saw his sister’s wet pussy in front of her eyes and started kissing her pussy and then Pailel began to cry in different shadows.

Ravi-Oh sister, what is your duck, beautiful?


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