I Want To Drink All The Juices Of Sister ( The Real Fuck Story In Asia ) Part-3


Ravi – (looking at her waist) do not go ahead.
Palele ( Sister )- (laughs) I know why you are stupid, you’ve stood to see my fat junkie, is not it?
Rabi – (smile smile) Sister, you are intelligent, you should have been my wife.
Paleel – So you are doing a job like a brother? Cuddly is just like your wife.
Ravi – No sister, the fun of his young sister, Cudda, is not fun, she can not even get to her wife. And when you are married, you will get so much fun with your husband, as much fun as you can cure with your brother.
Palele (smile smile) where are you learning from? That’s why you became so crazy about your sister’s sister.
Rabi: (coming to Paulel kissing his lips) Are not you crazy to take my necklace in your neck?
Paleel- Amito wanted a lot but you were better than my cuddy girl, but why did you get up after me?
Ravi-yes girl is very much like me but when I imagine you chanting by lanton, you get a lot of fun, your age is different from your youth, and when you think that you are my sister, my strength increases.
Paleel (Robi’s thickness is more set). I will have to cuddle everyday every day from Robi, I can not live without you.
Ravi-sister, why are you thinking? From today onwards you will be naked and sleeping with your brother and your brother will squeeze his head and I can not live without you.
Paleel- But Robi has now come to our house to control your behavior, and we have to work very carefully, if we think in some way, then our brothers will kill us.
Robi took Paleel in her lap and hugged her with a chest, and with a pawl dumped, Robi waited for her waist. Robi set her up to grow her sister’s feet and stepped up to grow Paleel and got into the crib of Robi’s widow, Pailel kissed Robi. Rubbing him with hugs, Robi keeps cumming down on her legs, and Pelle enjoys cooking for Robi’s comfort.) Siddi is absolutely right because of the feeling I am Ron has to be careful, but if we can bhabike cudate once I will be away all our worries.
Paleel – big idea for Choda … Tuki, you think your sister? If you do not say anything in the wrong way, then you will wear so much shoes on your back that it will be difficult.
Rabi – Well, sister said? You were a very smart girl?
Paleel – yes?
Robi – If you can cuddle a girl like you, then I think no matter?
Palele – See, Robi, do not think everything is Gorky, do not trust yourself more than you are, this extra confidence will one day trouble you.
Rabi – (by giving a kiss to his sister’s lips) Well, sister, answer me one question.
Paleel- Ahhah .. What is the ball?
Ravi-sister-in-law thinks you have got married and your darbar suddenly one day stands beside you to talk to you, suddenly when you put your hand on your fat ass, you will tell this to your husband …
Payel- (not thinking about).
Robi – why not say?
Paleel – That’s because if I tell my husband that he may feel misunderstood, and he will have full confidence in his brother, because I am telling him that I will be a liar.
Ravi: It’s just a matter of fact, and this is the fact. That is, in our society, girls do not share anything like this so they do not respect their respect, I think you understand what I mean?
Paleel- But some girls are also those who think that these things are straightforward and they put the person in danger.
Ravi-Didi, you do not know your “devil” brother, I am going to do my thing for the sake of that, I saw him in his photo when he was full of youth, but sister, I have to help you a little.
Palele (to get him up from the top) Why would I help you?
Ravi-Didi, you can not stand it is necessary for both of us, you must also add your thoughts to the game, otherwise if there is a big accident in which you will be caught, or you have to stop it from today, now you will get the solution of your brother’s rise every day. Or do you want to forget today’s last dying?
Paleel (with the help of Robi on the hinges of his stomach) Robi, what is it to forget? Without it, I can not live for a day, but what are you saying, Ravi, if someone is poor?
First of all, we will examine the different types of thinking if we think that it will come to kill cows, then we will take the next step.
Paleel – OK, but do the same to think about it, because he is not your sister-in-law.
Robi- (kissed by Pailel Thote) Didi you’re pretty, if you had a sexy sister like you all … (Paleel take hold of the hand down and pressing the butt of the pellet throat)
Paille-hu ..
Robi-sister-in-law, I am very much like your buttocks.
Paleel – I know, you see your fat sister?
Robi – Show me your fat ass and lick.
Pellell – Well, after going to bed and sitting down.
As soon as Robi sat on the bed and Pelle came closer to him and turned back and looked back at Robi, dragging his fat paddle in his thick throat, he saw Roti in the stomach.
Palele-minded and how do you feel?
When he saw the legs of Paella, Ravi got up from the bed and went to Payel and sat on the knees
Robi-sister, do not fuck a little bit ..
As Robi says, Pelle screams with a leakage, and Robbie begins to lick his tongue with his tongue and palm loses his eyes and loses his eyes.
Paleel- Ahh .. Ah .. This is how you want to lick the gutta with kat robi (say that pelle falls a little further, so the gutta also comes in front of Robi.)


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