I Want To Drink All The Juices Of Sister ( The Real Fuck Story In Asia ) Part-2


I Want To Drink All The Juices Of Sister ( The Real Fuck Story In Asia ) Part-2

After listening to Robi, Pelal smiled and kicked her chest, and Robi wore her knees and looked at pussy and did not cope with the temptation to see her sister’s cucumber, and licked her tongue like crazy cunt.

Paleel- Ahh..robi..aahhah … please leave it .. Ahhah …. Robi …

Without listening to Robi Payel’s words, she began to lick her legs from the top of the camel and started to lick her tongue with pinkish pussy. Prabela’s situation in the terrible assault of Robi was like the water of the Bihin fish. In the excitement he began to stride. As a result, he started falling down on his stomach. Robi started licking his sister’s cunt and turned it red.

Paleel-Ah Rabi Ahhh … Please, Robi .. Ahhh … Robi … I’ll die … Ah … Ah..pliz Robi … more loud … Robi … Ah … oh … Robi .. please Ahhhhh

When Pyaelli saw such a situation, Ravi smiled and said, trying to drop Paleel down the bed, Pelle held his hand

Paleel- Where are you going? (At this time, Paleel’s face was reddish in the litter of the litter)

Robi- No sister, it is wrong.

Paleel (Robi with a kick) is not wrong (trying to push his wrist and drag it)

Ravi- (standing below the bed), sister-in-law, I can not do this with you … I can not do this.

Palele (to get rid of rage and kill him) “Satan” should have thought before … Now you can not leave me … (That’s why he hugs him and kisses like crazy. Robi embraces his sister from babbling.)

Robi – do you take your cunt with your younger brother?

Paleel- yes

Robi- (like pressing a tiny mango press on my tip) Do you feel so good?

Paleel- yes

Rabi – (Pailel fisted with fingers, finger nose to Narate) will give me your pussy?

Paille-Ho …

Robi (With one hand, Pailel’s face lifted upside down and opened the palm eyes and saw Robi.) When Ravi opened her pussy and kissed Pailail’s lips, Paella closed her eyes again and kissed Robi Thot and took her face to Payel’s ear-

Robi siti sit on my face?

Upon hearing him, Pelle hugged him more loudly. Robi Pailel shirts completely unturned. Paul also opened Robi’s shirt. Rabi Pelle hugged again. Robi leaned on my chest in the pet, and at that time, Robi thought that it would never stop there anymore. This feeling gives them so much fun that both of them hold their nude body for two minutes. Then Robi sat on the bed and laid it on the bed and then Paella pulled one by one and dragged Pelle’s thick ass into her and began to lick her crazy pussy on his face and lick it crazy. Paleo like crazy his cunt licks his pussy in front of his brother and licks his pussy behind. Robi also used to lick the petals of the goddess by pulling his petals on his hands. For 20 minutes, Robi gets her pussy red to lick her pussy and Pell falls on her face. Palele Hafatah laughs beside Robi and after seeing both the two laughing the laughter of the laugh. After a couple of minutes, Robi again hugged Payel and kissed his mother with a loud tongue and kissed him.

Robi – (Paleel’s hand in horseback riding horses) sister, will you let your cunt? I like your pussy very much

Palele- (looking at him) does not lie. You like all the girls’ pussy, you want to cuddle all the girls, tell me whether I am right or not …

Robi – (kissed by the face of Payel) Oh, sister, how much do you know about younger brother ..

Palele – Well you tell me who else wants to kill cows?

Robi – (Paley’s hand fist) First of all you want to kill your pussy.

Paleel- and Sona do not want to cuddle?

Rabi – (kissed by Payel’s face) Yes.

Palele- and you are desperate to see the nude, is not it?

Robi- (When pressing Paleel’s thick little tie) When I saw yes sister-in-law, since then I have always been stuck in the name of Bhabi.

Paleel (Rabi’s stomach grew up on his pants and started to move on.

Robi-paternal grandmother did not see it open (that is why Robi pants open, and Paleel’s eyes grow bigger when it is free, and Robi pawl’s hands keep on plowing, she keeps flabbergasting like crazy cheeks of madness. He tried to feel the height and how thick, and the water came to his pussy.

Paleel – Very thick

Robi (Holding the pussy of Paelel) Didi, you have been crazy enough to get your pussy fisted for a long time?

Palele (to keep up and down and upstairs) You’re crazy to kill my pussy, are not you?

Ravi-yes, sister, do not know when I’m crazy to nude you to kill your pussy.

Palele – you are the “devil”, you want to cuddle the girl, do not you?

Ravi-yes, sister, but I still have not seen the nude, since I’ve seen you naked, I’m crazy for this body.


When Pooel started stirring Ravi’s breasts, Robi got her face fisted with her legs and pelted her legs, and Paleo also strained the brother’s brother and put him in his mouth and both of them started growing up and sucking each other’s pussy and pussy licking. Robi dumped his sister’s cunt and put a guld pink punch on his tongue. The puddle grow up to move to the fracture and started to gnash the mundata mouth mouth. After a while both of them looked at each other and dragged Robi Paleel to her lap and Paleel got more set with his brother. Robi is kissing her pussy throbbing on the throat of Paul’s neck and jumping on the waist below the waist.

Ravi-Didi Two or two buses are being celebrated in our house tonight, today the two organs of the two girls’ skin curtains together.

Palele (Screaming) Robi, I can not stand again … Chod me not me

Rubbish-laughing) What sister?

Paleel- (pressing a pressure on Robi’s chest) once you do not understand?

Robi – Do not say once again what you were saying …

Palele- (with a kiss on Robi Thotti kissing aunt) Your sister’s sister, her brother’s cunt, she’s deed of your sister’s pussy.

When Rabi Prabela heard this, he kissed his lips and started pressing the creampie leopard after pressing his fat milk. Pailel tried to excite her butt in the height of Robi. Robi Paleel stood up in the nude position and stood by the waist, while Paille rolled her waist with two legs on both sides. Robi’s fat grew upside down with Paleel’s frozen foreskin. Robi Paleel lying on the bed and kissed her face-

Robi-sister-in-law, see me grow up … can you?

Paleel (holding his sticks firmly in his hand) You do not think of me … I can fully grow your granary at once, and do not wait late to see what is happening to me.

That is why Pelle dumped the duo and saw Robi. After watching his sister’s pussy, Ravi stole his tongue with a lip and then hit him with a big push and got a strong push and got into a full load of Robi’s half-baked pellet. And Paleel “Ah died dead …” cried out loudly, Prabel stopped his voice with his hand in the mouth-

Rabi-kabalei I will eat at my own time, what happened now?

Paleel (hurrying to dump his dad on the other side) Ah Robi is very painful, please do not fade once.

Robi – OK, okay.

He said that Robi Paleel folded his dip and started firing a bit and strengthened it more strongly to another, and Paleel went to the dog completely and his eyes were turned upside down. Robi lay on her and Pellell hit her to beat him-

Pailel – Robi I will die .. please do not do Robi. Ah .. also you do not fade Robi.

But Robi did not do it, then pressing on his thick thick mouth, he began to gush out in his pussy slowly. And Pelle began to struggle to breathe a lot. Robi started to cuddle him slowly.

Ravi-Ah sister, your cunt is tight mariyi … every time pushing pushing is growing.

Paleel (Hafat Hafat), my grind has rubbished my pussy, why did you slow down slowly? Do not kill me too much. My heart is very happy …

After listening to Paul’s excitement, Robi began to chuckle loudly, and Pavel got his fat ass raised and responded to Rob Thap.

Paleel – Ahhah … Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh …

To listen, Ravi was thrown to death by pressing on her lips to kiss his lips. Robi’s thick junky legs are being patchy in the fog. Pailel kissed Robi like madman and kept pushing the waist up against Robi. Paleel’s pussy roared completely and she started flying in the sky. The sound of their wheezing started in the whole room. After a few moments, after rubbing the waist of Robi Pael with his hands, he raised his upper hand and pushed him with a loud thump and put a long peacher in it. With the warmth of Robi rising water, Phelle got up and along with Robi, she gave up the water of her couch. Two brothers and sisters often close their eyes on each other to breathe. When he tried to get up after Robi stepped on the sister for two minutes, Pelle embraced him and started shaking his waist until he got out of the house. Then Rabi got up from Pailel and pulled up the bed with a bed sheet and looked at the sister, and Pailel rubbing her smile, and Robi also saw her smiling and smiling eyes. When Paleel laughed again, “Satan” stood up from the bed in a naked position, and turned to the bathroom with a thong in the thong, and Robi looked at her leg in the eye of greedy eyes. Just before the right side of the bathroom, Pelle jumped and looked towards Robi, and seeing Robi looking at her stomach, Pael smiled at the front and dumped her two hands on the front and dragged her to the pores of the stomach. Robi was crazy in the behavior of Paula and she went on to Payel and Pavel started to stop the bathroom, but Robi reached the spot and hit the door and Robi entered the bathroom.

Pailel – what are you doing? I’m coming out before you let me urinate before that.

Robi – I will also see how you urinate.

Pailel – you can not urinate in front of me.

Robi – oh ho sadi … standing in front of me nude and Sharam in front of me?

Pailel- But …

Ravi-But-Titu, do not do anything fast.

Pyle- (laughs to see Rabie laughing) Well done.

Rabi- (Holding her hand while sitting Pailel) No sister, not standing

Palele-crazy or you? I can not stand

Robi – Do it right before you start (say that he’s going to Payel from one back to Pelhel’s flat stomach and put one hand on the mouth and start pressing) What are you looking at? Start up

When there was no way, Payal started standing up and standing urinating, and Ravi started shaking his cows. Paleel’s eyes come with a little smile and he has more sets with Robi. Robi started pouring water at him and started cleaning the cord in the pool. Robi Pailel inserted fingers into the fisting and poured cold water and cleaned them out of the bathroom and Ravi stood on the bathroom door and stared at two feet in front and turned to Robi.

Palele – why did you stop?


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