Video: Virginity Hymen Repair Surgery


Hymen repair (hymenoplasty) is a surgical procedure
designed to repair and reconstruct the hymen – the thin, ring-like skin membrane made of elastic and fibrous tissue that partially covers the opening of the vagina. Sometimes known as “revirgination” colloquially, the purpose of hymen repair is to reconstruct the hymen after it has torn from exercise or injury. In some cultures, hymen reconstruction is sought after for social or religious reasons.


How is hymen repair performed?
Hymen repair involves stitching the edges of the remaining hymen together to reconstruct it; the tissues then grow back together and take on the form of the original hymen. In many cases, the vaginal walls are also tightened to restore a “virgin” physique. If the hymeneal remnants are not able to be used, the surgeon can reduce the opening of the vagina using a small portion of the vaginal mucous tissue.


If it is impossible to reconstruct the natural hymen, another option is an implantable hymen; surgeons claim that the hymen implant can rupture during intercourse, similar to a natural hymen.
Watch: Virginity Hymen Repair Surgery


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