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My Sisters Friend ft.Lexi Lore and Isabella Nice defloration


defloration Her calm, nearly cloying voice stood such a stark contrast to her radical, kind-of-offensive theories. Her leggy, toned, middle-aged body and bleach-blonde hair provied both a softness and an edge to her overall presentation. From there on out, the lecture became ‘adult’ ‘with a number of frank points of borderline erotic discussion.

defloration Among them were detailed discussions of male and female biology, cultural analysis of non-heterosexual dynamics, modern Japanese sexual dysfunction, pornography consumption studies, and some greater and lesser anecdotes such as a rather fishy claim that male CEOs have a propensity to frequent dominatrices. A slide of a woman in a leather bodice and thigh-high boots standing behind a seated man flashed behind Dr. Carly.

defloration Annie wasn’t sure about that kind of thing, but she kept watching and listening. And speaking on all these issues Dr. Carly declined to use clinical terms because as she put it, “The delicate treatment of female sexuality does not empower us, it undermines us by treating us as delicate flowers unable to have ‘pussies’ or ‘tits’ without being compromised or being sexually subordinate.”

defloration “How many times do you hear confident, powerful men call their manhood a ‘penis, Yes of course, but it is also the language of uninhibited sexuality! No one writes an erotic story about ‘his proud and steely penis.” The audience laughed again. “I have a vagina with my obstetrician, not my lovers, correct? But when I say I have a ‘pussy’ what does that mean to you? What does it mean to me?” *A slide of a smiling, self-assured woman in a cocktail dress.

defloration “To me, it means I have the superior sexual biology. I have the ability to cum multiple times, in multiple places, in multiple ways, with or with anyone else in the room. In the proper physical and mental condition I can outlast any man in the duration and intensity of sexual pleasure, correct?” *A slide of a large astrological symbol for venus behind a woman in business attire reaching into her own pants while a man watches. “And so my pussy takes what it wants. It does not ‘receive.’

defloration My pussy expresses what cocks, straight, and gay by the way, all around the world have comfortably reckoned every day without a second thought since the beginning of time – that its penultimate function is to feel and produce pleasure.” *The same woman with her hands in the man’s hair as he kisses her chest. #deflorationvideos #teendefloration #wwwdefloration #deflorationtv #desfloration #deflorationfullvideo #realdefloration #deflorationxxx

Date: April 13, 2019
Actors: isabella / lexi lore