Pregnant Stepmom & Stepson Birthday Special Gift


Pregnant Stepmom He tells her to relax her throat and she does and take even more of him he tells us that we will be practicing that so that we don’t gag and choke. He tells us that each man likes things different and I feel like I should be taking notes. Master-D today Sonya is killing me the girl has no tonsils so my dick goes down her throat and I am ready to blow so I grab her by the head and fuck her mouth until I unload and she doesn’t lose a drop.

Pregnant Stepmom Kathy- I can’t believe he just did that and she looks like she enjoyed it he tells her to get on the bed and make herself cum while he helps us. Master D- Alright girls it’s time to see what you have learned. Jessica- Master has us take out the guys cocks my guy is not to big so maybe I can do this he smells clean I look to the side and see Kathy’s guy is big and long.

Pregnant Stepmom I sit up and take my first lick Master has the whip in his hand has he walks behind me he slaps my leg and tell me to use more tongue, my leg stings I don’t want to be whipped I start to say I can’t he hits my leg harder as I begin to cry I force more into my mouth. I look up and tell Sonya to cum and she does arching her back god she is beautiful when she cums.

Pregnant Stepmom I tell her to help me teach these girls how to suck a cock. Jessica- The girls stands behind me and pushes my head down and I think I am going to throat up she tells me to relax my throat I want to scream that I don’t know how to do that, so I try with my eyes watering. I can feel him in the back of my throat and he groans she tells me to use my tongue while I lick and suck. Kathy- Master puts his hand on the back of my head and pushes he tells me if I throw up I will be whipped until I am raw my eyes water and I do what I am told. As I am doing this I start to feel something down there. Pregnant Stepmom

Pregnant Stepmom Master hits my ass as he tells me to pay attention he also runs the tip of the whip over my pussy and he tells me I am wet. I look up and he hits my sex with the whip I cry out and the guys forces more of his dick into my mouth. Master tells us that when the men begin to cum that we are to continue sucking until we are told to stop and hold the cum in our mouths if we spit it out we will be punished.

Date: March 16, 2019
Actors: lyen parker