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Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women : Hello friends, Myself Rishi, I am 5’6″, fair and normal built. Penis size enough to satisfy a women’s desire. Actually it’s not about the size, its about how you use it ! I’m from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Presently I am 35 yrs old, married and a 4 yr old son, this incident happened way back in 2004. This sex story is about my friend’s mom and me. Sonal (my friend) & Trupti (her mom).

When I was studying in first yr. Engineering, I had a classmate who stayed in our area. Both of us used to daily go to college together. We were friends from junior college days so I used to go at her house frequently. I always had a thing for hot and sexy mature women.

Her mom was a bombshell, married at a raw age of 18 and delivered Sonal in a year. So she was young and slutty. She used to wear gowns and chudidar at home and sarees for special occasions with backless blouse and flashy navel. She had an awesome set of boobs, must be 38-40 I guess.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :One day during our first-semester break I got a call on a landline from her mom that they have bought a new printer and she needs my help to get some prints since Sonal had gone to her cousin’s place for holidays. I went at their place after 10 mins.

Trupti aunty welcomed me in the hall and gave me a glass of orange juice. She was wearing a salwar kameez. We chatted for a while and then she showed me the printer. I installed the driver and set up the printer. She thanked me and said if any problem arrives she’ll call me for it. I said fine and left her place.

Two days later she called me up at 9.30 pm and said that paper has stuck up in the printer and she has no idea how to get it out. Since it was a late night I said not to do anything to it, I will come in the morning to check it.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :I woke up with a boner, shagged out to neutralize it and had a shower and went to her place. When I arrived at her place at 8.30 am, to my surprise she was in her satin purple nighty with nipples poking out. She must have had a rough night with an uncle. She showed me the problem, I open the printer drawer and removed the paper out. She was happy that it was not a big issue as she thought.

She thanked me and held my both cheeks and pinched them like a baby and hugged me saying she thought she had done a big problem and would have to hear a lot from Sonal and her father. I could feel her nipples, I was about to leave but she told me to wait as she had to get some stuff out from the top shelf.

And since Sonal was out for holidays and uncle was out for a business trip for three days. I helped her get down the boxes from the top shelf of her cupboard. It had all her dresses and some makeup stuff, the box was not closed from the top, I gave it to her she threw it on her bed.

Since they use a soft spring mattress something flew up due to the jerk of the box.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :Both of us looked at it, I had my eyes wide open and Trupti had her eyes shut. It was a dildo! Now I came to know how the hell she had pointed nipples early morning when her husband was out for a trip. I had thought she was sleeping with someone, but now I knew what this sexy mature women was up to. She might have been pleasuring herself the whole night.

I asked her where did she get it from? She told me her sister who stays in America had bought it for her, since her husband doesn’t have sex with her for last few years. He was dating some other younger bitch from his staff.

She started crying and begged me not to tell this to Sonal, since for Sonal her dad was her hero. If she came to know about him she will breakup emotionally. She said that she was alone for three days and it was a golden opportunity for her to try the dildo for these three days.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :I understood her situation and made her sure that Sonal won’t come to know about her dads affair and also about the dildo.

That’s when she said that the plastic one didn’t satisfy her and she needed some flesh in her. She said she won’t mind if I help her out with her pleasures as I already know what she was doing to satisfy herself and her sexual status. I was in two minds whether to grab hold of the situation or to make her understand that I won’t share this with anyone and her secret is safe with me.

Before I could even think she lip locked me and started to rub my dick over my jeans. I couldn’t believe what we were in. She held my hand to cup her boobs, she wasn’t wearing a bra inside which had made her nipples poke up. She said that I had disturbed her while she was satisfying her in the morning, and I should finish what I stopped in between.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She asked me whether I was a virgin? I said yes, I had been dating girls but never got slept with them. Only the usual boobs fondling, smooching and pussy caressing. Since I never had a place where I could get a girl to sleep and get into sex with her.

So I told her I have only pressed and sucked boobs and caressed pussy. Nothing ahead of it. She said not to worry she’ll make me a pro in it very soon. She quickly removed her night revealing her boobalacious white body. She had a shaved pussy which had started to drip. She asked me what was I waiting for? I said this moment!
I cupped up her right boob and started sucking it like a hungry person.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She started to feel my back and held my head by the hair and started pushing it hard on her boobs. She told me to pinch her nipples really hard she was dying for a manly touch. I left the boob out of my mouth and started to pinch her pink puffy nipples with both hands.

She quickly stripped me naked and started stroking my dick? She asked me has any of the girls I have been with taken it in her mouth? I said you’ll be the first one. The honor is all yours!

She pushed me on the bed and started sucking my dick. In no time she had it to its full length. She said she’ll be having fun for 3 full days with this piece of meat.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She started to take it in her mouth and stroke it in between. She said that she wants it really bad and dirty. She said she is ready for anything and everything. I asked her to get some honey or anything sweet for me to pour n her. She said no, she wants a good fuck first then all the fantasies.

She quickly got up on the bed and asked me to get on her. I asked her for a condom, she said her husband doesn’t fuck her anymore. So no condoms at home, she said we can trust each other and do it unprotected. I obliged and started to be in the missionary position.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She took hold of my dick and rubbed the head on her clit. And left out a loud moan, must have been waiting for the touch. She slowly guided my dick into her pussy, it was a bit loose due to her morning session with the dildo.

I gradually started pumping her she said she wants it to be long and pleasurable. I knew I could do it long because I had shagged up in the morning. I could feel her warm pussy walls craving for my dick. If she could her pussy could have swallowed me whole in it, she was dying for sex and her face was showing it. Tears rolled out her eyes due to the penetration. She was enjoying it to the fullest.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :I pumped slowly her for another 10 mins, she said to speed up and bang her hard. It did it after some strokes her pussy walls started to contract I knew it was time for her to cum. She said to speed up she’s gonna cum, I too was on the verge.

I pumped up some hard strokes, we cummed together and her pussy started to drain out the excess fluid. She hugged me tight and thanked me for the sex. She said she felt guilty but she couldn’t her herself. I consoled her that it was ok and I’m happy that I could loose my virginity to fulfill her sex desire.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She said she needs a shower after the sex session. She took me to the bathroom, filled up the tub with warm water and we both got into the tub and had a session there. She told me that Sonal should not come to know about our secret sex relationship and I behave normally as nothing has happened between us.

I agreed and for the next three days, we did it in every possible corner of their house, terrace, and garage everywhere. She bought a mango pulp bottle we poured it on each other and licked out each other clean and had the best sex for three days.

Pounding My Slutty Neighbor Mature Women :She took care of all my expenses there on and gifted me watches and mobiles, in return all I had to gift her was my dick and some hardcore sex. I have tried the mango pulp act with my wife, we do it frequently all thanks to Trupti’s wicked sex desires.

We are in touch, but the sex is now a bit less since Trupti wants me to enjoy my wife more.