Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa on a Picnic She Blows and Swallows Him

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : Where I come from there are multiple Grade Schools and Junior High Schools, but only one High School.

I was a Freshman in high school scoping out the girls I’d never met, when my eyes spied a beautiful girl, my eventual girlfriend Kendra. Kendra was a tan skinned girl that had smaller than most boobs, a B or C -Cup, but that didn’t bother me. She had shoulder length dark brown, almost black hair and stood about 5’9″ (I’m 5’11”). I was instantly in love with this dark skinned beauty and knew I must get her to be my girlfriend.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : I found out we shared a class together and so I decided that my chance to ask her out on a date.
I walked up to her and she smiled and said, “Hi, I’m Kendra and I’m a Junior. Did you move here or are you just a Freshman because I’ve never seen you before?”
I answered her and then seized my chance and asked her out, “I think you’re gorgeous, will you go out with me?!?!”
Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She just smiled and said, “Give me your address and I’ll pick you up at 5 this afternoon.”

I waited outside my house wondering about whether I actually was dreaming or not, but she showed up and we went out to eat.

We dated for a couple months when one day she was giving me a ride home from school and popped a boner.
She looked at me laughed and said, “At least I know you’re not just dating me for rides to and from school.”

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : Later that evening we were hanging out at her house while her mom (who is a single parent) was working night shift until late the next morning. She leaned over and kissed me and we started passionately making out and she started to take her shirt off revealing the fact she had no bra on.
“Hold on! I need protection first!” I shouted as she started to undo my pants.
“Okay, lets go to Wal-Mart”, she grunted putting her shirt back on, “but I’m not going in with you!”

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : I picked up some condoms and we made our way back to her house and picked up where we left off.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She revealed her boobs to me which had the cutest, tiny, little mole on her left boob just below the nipple. Her nipples were no bigger than the end of a pencil and her areola no bigger than a dime. She slowly took off her panties revealing a clean shaven pussy which was extremely tight and small. She removed my clothes, laughed, and said, “It looked bigger through your jeans.”
“Hey baby, it is not the size of your ship, but the motion of the ocean that counts,” I told her inserting my ring finger inside her.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : It felt so warm and wet inside her like a softer version of the roof of your mouth. She moaned and started to bleed as a broke the hymen thrusting my fingers inside her doing a “Come here” motion. She finally screamed and squirted all over my arm, chest, and couch crying. I thought I hurt her and so I hugged her saying “I’m so sorry” over and over.
She looked at me and mumbled through tears and sniffles, “I’m crying tears of joy, that was fucking amazing! My turn!”

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She went down on my rock hard dick and started to lick it and kiss my “head.” She eventually started to suck on it when I screamed, “I’m gonna fucking cum!”
She stopped and opened her mouth as I spewed my seed into her mouth and on her chin and tits. She grabbed her shirt off the floor and cleaned the white sticky cum off her tits causing them to bounce and a little more jizz to spew on the floor as I got turned on even more. She wiped her beautiful face off, grabbed the package of condoms, and bent over in the doorway to her bedroom showing me her poontang and motioning for me to follow.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She pointed at my phone and made the “Taking a picture” gesture with her hands and pointed at her boobs. I grabbed my phone to take pictures and she started to suck my dick again. Click. I captured the moment in my phone. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and started to record a video as I came all over her tits. She didn’t bother cleaning up she just wiped my pecker off and rolled the condom on as I took pictures.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She slowly slid onto my rock as she moaned and oozed pussy juices all over my condom. I thrusted inside her and pulled out shoving her down on her bed and resumed our session of fucking. I thrusted as she moaned and yelled “Yes!” over and over. I snapped a few pictures mid moan that turned me on just thinking about them. I came and came until I pulled out, full condom in tow.

“Let’s take a walk on the wild side!” She said tying off the condom and throwing it in the trash.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : She pushed me on the hardwood floor and started to ride my dick while I kissed her little tan nipples. She got off of me and hit the record button on my phone setting it against the wall facing us and began to fuck me again. I shouted and cringed as she climbed off me and bent over ready for my load. I took aim and spewed all over her ass narrowly missing her pussy.

Petite Teen Fucked by Grandpa : “May I eat you out?” I asked taking my finger and playing with her clit.
“FUCK YES!” She shouted turning over and laying on her back spreading her legs “Especially if you’re as good with your tongue as you are with your fingers!”

I took my tongue and spelled my ABC’s as her mom walked in crying, “I got fired, I can’t believe I got—!”

We never were allowed to see each other again.

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