Newton Is Wrong, There Is No Power To Gravity (Para-2)


Newton Is Wrong, There Is No Power To Gravity (Para-2)

Today we will read Newton’s fault about the gravity power is nothing else’s second episode. Now I’m starting to talk about you carefully and try to understand.

When the God creates the universe, he creates only three shells (I told you in my previous article about this, saying that you will be able to understand it) The first is the water, the second is the fire and the last is the rock.

Now how come the world is created?

The world was also a waterfall created by God and when there was a universe, there was nothing but water. But now we are living on a much thicker soil.

How is this possible?

During the creation of the universe that God created the fury of rock, the big rock from the rocks was used for millions of years in this world of water. Now it is said, if there was something of gravitational power, then the rock could not cover the earth in the water. And in this way for millions of years, we can live on this rock as a lodging for the firing of the rock, which is named after the earth. Still, in many places of the world, these rock gills are constantly falling in the air. The main point of this is the depression of space. Where people live there, the rock can not penetrate the space of the space, so they can not wear on the locality. But the zygai which is very low in humans is able to penetrate the space of the space, and still there are still rocks in those places. And how humans have lesser residuality than the space’s depression, I’ll tell you the details in the next article.

Today’s writing is about to end here. Please do not be disappointed, because I will be able to prove it to you soon. Only you will go after my articles and try to understand. Thank you.

And one thing, friends, as long as my research is not finished and I’m not fully convinced that I do not think of anyone as crazy, do not report in my article, do not report on my site, my account is also of any kind Do not report. Yes, I will say on the day that my research has concluded that by studying this myth, I have proved that what I said was correct, and if someone thinks that my research and research are wrong then you can report me.


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