Newton Is Wrong, There Is No Power To Gravity (Para-1)


Yes friends, What you hear is absolutely true, Newton is wrong, there is no power to gravity. The strength that we call the gravity power is not the gravity force. It’s all about space’s depression. I will prove it to you, but for that I have some time. But do not think that there is no evidence in my hand. There is still some evidence in my hand that I will share with you today. But with all these proofs Newton’s discovered gravity power can not be considered wrong. I need some more sources to prove Newton’s gravity power that is wrong, that I need to find out. That’s why my research is going on. I will only share some tips with you in the next article. Now let’s summarize the sources that are available to me.

What God created the first thing?

The Creator created the first three trunk or shell.

The first is fire

The second is the water

And the third is the earth or rock or stone

Now it is said that when the creator discovered these three ammunitions, there was no gravitational force in any bowl or yet. There is nothing like the moon, the sun, the Mars Sb but something called gravity power or gravity. Now to say that there is no such thing as gravity, we must first know how the world has been created. And I will share it with you in the next article within 2-3 days. And until I can fully prove that Newton is wrong, there is nothing gravitational force, so this article will continue.

And one thing, friends, as long as my research is not finished and I’m not fully convinced that I do not think of anyone as crazy, do not report in my article, do not report on my site, my account is also of any kind Do not report. Yes, I will say on the day that my research has concluded that by studying this myth, I have proved that what I said was correct, and if someone thinks that my research and research are wrong then you can report me.


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