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Forced Fuck Wife

Forced Fuck Wife : My then wife, now ex-wife, used to have a lot of fun together.  We had several threesome’s that were arranged, usually by me.  We liked to keep things spiced up and new.  She wasn’t “bi” really, she had no desire to do anything to another woman sexually.  However, she was turned on by the female body.  So we would go to strip clubs every so often, knowing that afterward she would be really turned on.  We never expected anything to happen at the strip club as being a couple, strippers usually leave us alone.  She just likes to take some $1’s and get rubbed on by the strippers and drink.  Combine those two things and she’s really horny.

Forced Fuck Wife : We decided to go check out our favorite club on a Saturday night.  We arrived and it was really busy, even for a weekend.  We visited the bar and stood around for a few minutes when we found a table open up toward the side of the club.  We immediately sat down, it was a 4 seat table so there was extra chairs.  We had been there for maybe 30 minutes and having fun.

Forced Fuck Wife : A young guy came up and asked if he could sit at our table.  He said it was so packed that he just wanted a place to sit and put his beer down.  She looked at me and I said it’s cool with me, he looked like an average guy.  He was dressed good and carried himself well.  Even then, we weren’t expecting anything, as being a couple, guys and strippers avoid us.

Forced Fuck Wife : We chatted a little bit at first, he was very friendly and talkative, since he was sitting next to my wife, I couldn’t hear everything but could make sense of what he was saying for the most part.  He was in town for training for his job, he was staying at a hotel a few blocks away.  He was off on the weekends and decided to check this place out, we told him when we come out this is where we go.

Forced Fuck Wife : He then offered to buy us drinks since we were kind enough to let him sit with us and we seemed to be cool people.  So the drinks started flowing and I could tell my wife was feeling it.  As she drank mixed drinks and I mostly only drank beer, took a little longer for me usually.  She would randomly get up, take a $1 and go toward the main stage to get boobs rubbed in her face.  This went on a few times and the guy asked her if she would like to try more than that.  She said sure, he slid over a $20 bill and told her to get a lap dance.  She hasn’t ever done this before, we usually don’t spend money on lap dances.  So she was curious to give it a shot.

Forced Fuck Wife : To go back a little bit, my wife had on her black dress that was very tight and short.  She had told me she wasn’t going to wear panties when we left so I knew that.  So she took the $20 and waited for a chance.  A stripper she thought was hot was coming by and she flagged her over.  You could tell the stripper was into women at least some, she was excited to show her the experience.  The lap dance area was set down below the main floor, there were stairs leading down and railing from the floor looking down where you could see.

Forced Fuck Wife : It’s dark but you can see pretty well.  The guy said he wanted to watch her get a lap dance, I for some reason didn’t care at the time.  I said well, you paid for it, might as well watch.  They came back and she was really turned on.  She told me that the stripper had her boob out and had rubbed her pussy.  This was exciting and she was crazy turned on at this point.  We had a few more drinks and next thing I know this guy is pulling out all sorts of money.  Never found out what he did, but he brought the cash for a night of fun.

Forced Fuck Wife : So he started buying her several lap dances and would go watch them each time.  After about 4 times I decided to go take a look myself.  I realized quickly the reason he enjoyed this so much.  When it comes to other women, strippers do a lot more than males.  The stripper would have her boobs out in full view, pulled her dress up and exposed her pussy.  Her dress wasn’t much so it was easy to manipulate and expose parts.

Forced Fuck Wife : We got back to the table and I was even amazed and turned on by that.  I told her I didn’t realize all that was happening down there.  She said she loved the attention and was grabbing at my crotch by now.  During this time he was asking her questions and talking, I couldn’t really hear everything due to the loud music.  He apparently was complimenting her on her boobs and all that, he liked watching her.  I kind of suspected he was building up to trying something with her, but I wasn’t sure yet.  We had more drinks and she was getting really tipsy.  I had started pissing and once I did that, I had to go every so often with drinking all that beer.

Forced Fuck Wife : We had been there several hours and all this had happened, I got up to go to the restroom.  Apparently he had asked her if I’m “cool like that” and that I seemed like I wouldn’t mind.  She said we’ve done a few threesomes but they were never with complete strangers like this.  He asked if she thought he was attractive and she said yes.  So with all that being said, I had returned to sit down from the restroom.  She was obviously focused on him by this time, I got in her ear and asked if she was ok.  She gave me a look so I knew something was going on.

Forced Fuck Wife : I angled my chair as such that I could look down and see her lap better.  When I looked I saw his hand was up her dress, not on her leg, but he was fingering her.  I then got close to her again and asked her, she said he was fingering her and she had unzipped his jeans and was rubbing his dick.  He apparently wasn’t wearing any underwear either, so she was able to actually rub his cock.  She told me he was pretty big and she was impressed.  I asked her what the end game was and she still didn’t plan on taking him home or anything, she said she was having fun teasing each other.

Forced Fuck Wife : This went on for a while, when we realized that it was nearing closing time.  We were all pretty drunk and they were fooling around under the table.  He paid our bar tab and we decided to head out of the club.  We reached the parking lot and he said he loved the feeling of her pussy but wanted to see her big boobs too.  So between the cars in the parking lot, she moved the straps down off her shoulders and exposed her D’s to him.  He started to touch them and then sucked on them.

Forced Fuck Wife : Her boobs are really sensitive and a big turn on for her so she was loving it.  He kept sucking on them for a few minutes, he worked his way up her chest and neck and they started making out in front of me.  I could tell she was really getting into this and realized we needed to figure something out.  I recommended we move somewhere else and not in the parking lot.  He said he was staying at a hotel just down the street, a Holiday Inn.  I knew where this was and said we would meet him there.  He gave us his room number and said please come.  After seeing their chemistry I assumed she would want to go to his hotel, but I wasn’t going to speak for her.

Forced Fuck Wife : We parted ways in the parking lot, once in our car she immediately began kissing me and pulling at my crotch.  I asked if she wanted to just go home and fuck like crazy or if she really wanted to go to his hotel room.  Her response was she really wanted to fuck this guy, his dick was bigger than mine and he was sexy.  He looked like an average guy to me, he was skinny, white, wasn’t muscular or anything like that.  But she really liked his dick and she said he was confident.  So we drove off toward the hotel.

Forced Fuck Wife : We arrived at the hotel and went inside.  His room was easy to find and we knocked.  When we got into the room he had already removed his shirt and said that the only problem was he didn’t have any condoms.  We said he didn’t either but we were all still pretty drunk and I said we shouldn’t really push our luck and drive more than just the few blocks we had just driven.  He agreed and said he was 100% clean and he would respect whatever we decided.  We looked at each other and I said it’s up to her, she said it was fine, she just wanted to get fucked at this point.  He then made his move and immediately started pulling her dress up and off.  She was completely naked after that swift move since all she had on was the little dress.  He told her to lay down on the bed and he started eating her pussy.

Forced Fuck Wife : He ate her pussy for several minutes, he said she had a great tasting pussy and said I was lucky to have such a sexy wife.  He then pulled off his pants and laid back, she started sucking his already hard cock.  Now that I had a chance to see him, he was bigger than me.  I’m about average size, he was at least 8″ and decent thickness.  He said that he had intended to try and fuck a stripper tonight, he had taken extra cash to try and impress the girls and see if he could convince them to fuck. He then shifted gears when he realized who he’d sat beside and how sex she looked.

Forced Fuck Wife : She sucked his cock for a long time, she would go down and lick his ball sack which he seemed to like.  He asked me to hand him his phone, he asked if it would be ok to video her sucking him.  I said sure, then asked if I could video them fucking.  He said he didn’t care, just try not to get his face if possible.  I agreed and grabbed my phone as well.  She then started titty fucking him with her big tits and he was really into that.  He pulled her up and started sucking on her tits and then started making out.

Forced Fuck Wife : He got from under her and had her lie on her side, he got behind her and in a spoon position.  He went to enter her pussy and pulled her leg up, she was soaking wet, her pussy juice was visible on her legs even.  He slid inside her with ease, I struggle with this position since I’m really that tall and my dick isn’t as long as his.  So she really liked getting fucked in a different position.  He was slow and sensual in this position, he commented how wet she is and how great she felt.  He fucked her nice and slow for several minutes in this position, she was moaning and going crazy.  She would look at me and all I could do was grin.  I could tell she was loving it.

Forced Fuck Wife : He switched it up and went missionary after that.  In this position he started to pick up the pace.  He was slamming into her pretty good, making her big tits bounce.  She started playing with her boobs at this point.  This went on for a few minutes and asked her what position she wanted.  She said doggy was her favorite.  So he switched and she got into position.  This hotel room had wall that is a mirror basically on that side of the room.

Forced Fuck Wife : So she could look up and see him mounting her from behind.  He got behind her and immediately started going to pound town.  He was fucking her hard and fast.  He looked over at me and asked if it would be ok if he got a little rough with her.  I said sure, she can handle it.  With that he reached up and grabbed a handful of her hair.  He held her hair and pulled her head back.  She started getting louder with her moans and sounds.

Forced Fuck Wife : He was fucking the hell out of her while pulling her hair.  He then used his other hand and started spanking her ass.  She would scream out each time he spanked her.  He asked her if she wanted more and she said screamed yes.  So he spanked her more and she would scream and started saying to fuck her harder.  I’m surprised we didn’t get a complaint call as it was loud.  He was fucking her hard as I’ve ever seen her get fucked and she was loving it.

Forced Fuck Wife : She said she was going to cum again and told him not to stop.  He looked at me and asked where he could cum, I told him I didn’t care.  She said she wanted him to cum inside her.  She wanted to feel him inside her.  He started slamming into her and she started going over the top and she was pretty much screaming and grunting.  He kept slamming into her for a minute or so to be sure that she got hers I guess.  Then I hear him make a low growl sound almost.  By this time she had collapsed from the doggy position to basically lying down and he was still drilling her from behind.

Forced Fuck Wife : He then stopped cumming and held himself all the way inside her for a little bit.  He asked if she was on any birth control or anything, we said no, but we would buy a plan b pill in the morning so no worries.  He said good, because that was a big load and he put it in her as deep as he could.  He pulled out and she rolled over.  I took a look at her pussy and he wasn’t joking.  I could see her juices but there wasn’t any of his cum dripping out at all.

Forced Fuck Wife : She took a few minutes to get up, we talked for a little bit.  He said he was single and he really enjoyed it and hoped we did to.  He hadn’t ever done anything like this before and never thought about fucking a married woman in front of her husband, but now that he did it, he was hooked.  He said this was his new “thing” and was going to try to find more couples.  He hugged and kissed her and we said good night.  We never exchanged numbers or names or anything that night.  Never saw him again.  She said that no matter how much fun we had after that, that was the hottest fuck she’s ever had.


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