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Mature Stepmom

Mature Stepmom : Home alone with Mum. Anthony a art student was working in a school project in his room. He was 16 tall 6 ft handsome short dark hair.

Victoria a 51 yr old professional woman Short shoulder length blonde hair 5ft 9 Size 14 with DD breasts. She wore a short black skirt. Red blous8e with flower patterns on it her cleavage pressed up been pushed up by her bra.

Mature Stepmom : She walked into his room. He sat there pencil in hand sketching. How was your day she said sitting on his bed. He sat on his bed against the wall.
” Good ” he said ” A for my portfolio ” he added.
” Nice ” she said picking up the folder off his bed looking through it. ” Your talented ”
Anthony admired her legs her skirt hitched high as she sat legs together. He was sure he got a glimpse of her underwear.
” Thanks ” he said. ” I like art
” You like drawing people. You’ve drawn me really well. ” Victoria said looking at the drawer of her face.
” Yeh I do ” he said.
” Cool. Ever wanted to do nudes. ”
” Life drawing. Mum my teacher would not be impressed. ”
” You Could ” Victoria said.
” Yeh maybe when I’m older. ”
” What about now ”
” I’m 16 ”
” You could draw me. ” Victoria said.
” What. Nude ” Anthony replied.
” Why not ” She said.
” Your my mother ” he replied.
” I will go shower. See you in ten minutes. ” Victoria said smiling. Anthony admired her arse as she walked out the door.

Mature Stepmom : Ten minutes later she came back to his room wearing a satin gown. Her nipples hard visible through the fabric. Anthony knew she was naked underneath. He was about to see his mother naked. He had his art gear art set up. She sat on the bed across from him. She stood up opening her gown sliding it off her back dropping it to the floor. Anthony’s eyes admiring her naked body. Her size DD breasts. Her shaved pussy. Her Nipples pointing straight out. She sat on his bed leaning back. She slid her top leg over her bottom leg bending it up8 hiding her pussy a bit leaning towards him. She grinned at him. He still admired her sexy body his cock rock hard.

Mature Stepmom : For an hour he drew her. Admiring and putting every curve on paper. Her beautiful face her curvy breasts her flat stomach her thighs her legs. He looked at her ” Finished ” he said

Mature Stepmom : She sat up patting the bed beckoning him over to her. He sat next to his naked mother showing her the drawing. She told him it looked great. Then she put the pad on the bed knowing Anthony was admiring her body
Mature Stepmom : ” Touch them ” she said looking at him. He reached out touching her breasts. Guiding his hands around them. He caressed her breasts feeling her nipples admiring them. She lay down opening her legs. Anthony saw her pussy her beautiful pink pussy lips. She got his hand sliding it to her pussy he rubbed her clit and down inside her to her vagina opening rubbing and playing with her. He kissed her nipple circling it with his tongue. She groaned as he rubbed her pussy sliding his fingers inside her. ” Yeh ” she said looking at the clock. ” Dad Will be home soon ” she said sitting up. ” I enjoyed this ” Victoria said. She stood up picking up her gown putting it on. Her body now been hidden with her gown. She smiled and walked out. Anthony looked at the naked drawing of his mother.

1 month later.

Mature Stepmom : Anthony got into the shower. Things between him and his mother had been interesting. There secret still a secret. He would try to get glimpses of her body. She co operated not shy about open when he was around yet discrete when family especially her husband was home.

Mature Stepmom : Victoria walked past the bathroom. She had found her underwear in his bedroom. She checked the door it was unlocked. She slowly opened it looking in her son’s back visible through the glass of the shower. He turned his head back eyes closed as he washed his hair. His cock hard as he showered. She closed the door and leant against the door. She undid her blouse dropping it to the floor then her bra. She slipped her slacks down then her panties. She stood naked in the hallway rubbing her pussy. She turned and opened the door and walked in. She opened the shower door.
” Mum ” he said as she got in the shower.
” Mother can’t shower with her boy.” She said grabbing his cock.
” Fuck ” he said watching the water cascade down her breast. The water like waterfalls as it fell of her nipples. He caressed her breasts.
” You like my breasts don’t you ” she said.
” Yes.” He said leaning down sucking her nipples and caressing them. She groaned as he sucked as she stroked his cock. He slid a hand to her pussy rubbing it.
” Fuck me ” she said.
” Sex ” he said.
” Yes just don’t tell you father. ”
Mature Stepmom : They got out of the shower and dried off. Then walked naked to his room they lay on his bed. He kissed her lips caressing her breasts. She lay back closing her eyes as her son caressed her. He ran his hand to her pussy rubbing it feeling her soft flesh as he sucked her nipples. She rolled him to his back and grabbed his cock. She slipped it into her mouth sucking it as she wanted him. He groaned holding her head as she sucked him off. After a while he groaned as he cum shooting up his chest and stomach. Victoria licked it up. She kissed his lips as she played with his limp cock.

Mature Stepmom : After a few minutes of fondling and playing she told him to give her oral sex. He had watched porn. He got between her legs and licked his mothers clit rubbing her pussy. He slid his fingers inside her. He tasted her sweet pussy juices enjoying the look and taste of her pussy.

Mature Stepmom : That’s it son she said as she lay back enjoying having him eat her out. She knew where he kept her underwear. She didn’t mind she found it sexy and erotic her son fancied her. She looked down at him eating her out on his bed. She rubbed her breasts and nipples groaning.
” Oh shit ” she said ” ohhhhh Fuuuuuuuck ” she felt himself tighten ” Aghhhhh God ” she yelled “Ummmmmmmmmmm don’t stop she arched her back squeezing her breasts as he licked her clit and fingered her ” ” Shiiiiiiiiit ” she said as she orgasmed ” Fuck ” she said he kissed up her body to her breasts sucking her nipples. ” Fuck me ” she said. He found her pussy with his cock slipping inside her. His he thought my cock is in my mother. He thrust her in and out his mother lay back holding his hips as he thrust her.

Mature Stepmom : For ten minutes he fucked her. He built up cumming inside her. He filled his mothers pussy with his teen son juices. She looked at him smiling. ” Enjoy that ” she said.
” Yes ” he said.
” Your father can’t find out our secret ok.” She said.
” Shit no ” he replied pulling his cock out of her.

Mature Stepmom : They walked naked to the master bedroom and showered. He picked out a pair of underwear and bra for her to wear. They dressed and went downstairs for a hot drink waiting for dad to get home not knowing his son had fucked his mother.

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