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Mature Mom This whole situation caught me off guard. I stumbled on my words, “n… no, this can’t be right!” The officer looked almost concerned.”I know you’re upset about this ma’am, but I’m just doing my job” he said in a calm tone. I begged, “Please! Can you let me go just this once.” My eyes were actually beginning to water and I tried my best to hold my tears in. “Just do me this huge favor please.

Mature Mom ” The officer said nothing. A tear rolled down my cheek and I wiped it away with my finger. I was desperate and blurted the first words that came to mind. “I dance at that club down the street and I’m sure I can find a way to return the favor…!” I never used that card before now, but I have heard of other girls at work talking about getting out of a ticket that way. The police officer was silent at first then he smiled just a little bit. “Jenny, Jenny, Jenny…

Mature Mom You should know better than to try to bribe a police officer,” he said with a disappointed tone, but at the same time he had an evil grin on his face. “Turn off your headlights, turn off your car, and step out of the vehicle please.” “I wasn’t trying to bribe–” I tried to explain before he interrupted. “Jenny, please step out of the vehicle,” he demanded, “right now. I shut the door while my mind was in shock, then his voice brought me back to reality.

Mature Mom “I’ve got you for bribing a police officer in the form of prostitution, he said forcefully, “turn around and place your hands on the hood of the car.” Still in shock, I followed his command and turned around to face my car, my hands obediently placed on the hood palms down. From behind me, he started patting me down and asking whether or not I was carrying any weapons or drugs.

Mature Mom I felt like he had set me up. I was teary eyed and my make-up was starting to smear. I couldn’t even speak, I was overwhelmed with thoughts of this whole ordeal of being arrested. Still from behind me, his hands reached around and checked the front pockets of my high cut denim shorts I was wearing. And he slowly slid his hands back around my slim waist and into my back pockets.

Mature Mom Suddenly I felt his right hand squeeze my ass cheek and his other hand come around front and grab my inner thigh. I gasped and yelled. He leaned his body on me forcing me against the fender of my car, my arms pinned on the hood from the weight of his body against mine. “No stop,” I pleaded. I was in even more shock now, immediately he spoke. “If you don’t want to lose your license and be arrested, #maturenl #oldgranny #blackmature #bustymature #maturewife #asianmature #chubbymature #hotmature #maturegranny #matureboobs #matureamateur

Date: April 10, 2019