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Love for Anal Hot College Student Has Anal Sex With Dads Friend


Anal Hot College Student A pressure in her groin and her anus. But these were all hazy at best. And a few minutes after, Margo had forgotten about them entirely. Why am I naked? she wondered. She touched herself, taking note of how sensitive her nipples were, like they’d been suckled on, perhaps even bitten. Her hand wandered down toward her pubic area, which was sore and moist. Did she have a wet dream?

Anal Hot College Student But that wouldn’t explain how she’d come to be so uncomfortable. Or why she had such a bitter taste that lingered in her mouth. She rose from her bed and headed toward the bathroom adjacent to her room. She was about to head for the shower and rinse herself off, when she was startled by the sight of a shape standing before the mirror. “Ah, Mrs. Brooks,”

Anal Hot College Student said Kevin, her son Steven’s best friend. “You’re awake.” Margo couldn’t believe what she saw. He was as naked as the day he was born, brushing his teeth over her sink. Margo gasped and tried to avert her eyes, even though she caught a glimpse of the massive hard-on he brandished. “Never gets old,” he muttered, before inserting two fingers inside Margo’s pussy. “Aaah!”

Anal Hot College Student Margo shrieked. She was startled by how much it hurt. She couldn’t remember the last time she had sex, but the lightest of touches made it feels like she’d penetrated with a jackhammer. Kevin recoiled immediately. “Sorry, that must still smart, I guess,” he laughed. Margo didn’t have a clue as to what he was referring to, but it had been Kevin to cause her pussy such discomfort. See, unbeknownst to her, it had only been an hour or so ago when, after they’d finished dinner,

Anal Hot College Student that Kevin had stripped Margo of her clothes, forced her to suckle on his rock hard cock in her own dining room, dragged her to her bedroom by her arms, then used her cunt in every way he could imagine. After licking, suckling and penetrating it many times over, he’d gotten the idea to stick his entire fist up her moist pussy. It was the loudest she’d ever screamed in both pleasure and pain, and it resulted in the most intense orgasm he’d gotten out of her yet, leaving her bedsheets soaked with the fluids of her pussy.

Date: March 15, 2019