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Lorna Morgan Strips Her lingerie sleepwear And Poses On The Desk


lingerie sleepwear her pet to defile, a personification of the very defeat she had wrought upon the realm that she now ruled. He swallowed and moved to stand on shaky feet. “Okay.” The girl nodded once, seemingly relieved, she hadn’t looked forward to the prospect of returning to the queen to deliver anything other than good news. “Follow me then.” Belind paused,

lingerie sleepwear “Can… Can I have something to wear?” The woman eyed him over once more, scrutinising his feminine, grimy form, then shook her head. “No. There Is no sense in defiling clothes with your firth. You will wash, be rejuvenated then be delivered to the Queen. If you want clothes, I suggest you ask her then.” He paused but nodded, knowing he couldn’t fight this, couldn’t fight her. He was led through up through the dungeons to the underbelly of the palace which,

lingerie sleepwear while his father had been king, he had lived in most his life here. He had never visited the dungeons and seldom ventured down here to the kitchens and servants quarters, save for when he was a young child and play exploring. The palace was bustling, full of unfamiliar faeces who eyed him with a mix of scorn and amusement. He knew he would find no friends or allies in these walls,

lingerie sleepwear the palace packed with those most loyal to the Queen. she had lived here, slept here and been used here. Much as he would now be. “I will begin drawing a bath.” She said, keenly, eying the naked grime strewn prince without bothering to hide her distaste, “…Try not to sit down or touch anything,” she paused, “Just… Stand there.” She eyed him over one last time then left through a small sink curtain to a small side room, with a bath and he knew, other cleaning facilities.

lingerie sleepwear He stepped forward towards a dressing table around which were set up three, mirrors giving whoever sat in the center a full view of themselves, girls would sit here and apply makeup to themselves, spending hours a day on their faces so that it would be perfect on the off chance that their king, or sometimes even a guest, or even a particularly curious Prince,

lingerie sleepwear would come pay a discreet visit. The makeup was fully stocked and he wondered just how far Ariela’s tastes of humiliation stretched, would she force him to wear woman’s clothes, to apply makeup? To speak and act as a woman might? He didn’t know and he truly did not want to find out. He stood lost in his own thoughts until he was finally called through by the serving girl. She had drawn a bath and he could smell the scent of the perfumed water as it wafted through the air, a refreshing ..

Date: May 6, 2019