I’m Going to Share With You the Secret of My Daddy Secret

Daddy Secret

Daddy Secret : After leaving Shaun’s house I went home and took a shower and as I was rubbing my tits and pussy all I could think of was the dad’s big black cock and the way he pounded my pussy it felt so fucking good. He fucked me the way I like getting fuck he made me cum several times and I could not believe he was so fucking deep inside my pussy fucking me hard and me telling him yes fuck me harder. His cock was so fucking thick and long I never had a cock that big and my pussy loved every inch of it. I thought Shaun fucks me good but the dad he knows how to fuck a white woman like me.

Daddy Secret : Then I touch my pussy and I got warm and my pussy started getting wet again so as I was drying off, the door bell rang. I look at the clock and it was 9pm and I thought who would be at the door at this time so I put on my silk robe, it was kind of open in the front and I was showing my hard nipples. I went to the door and opened it and to my surprise there was Dave standing he said hi Lynn and I smiled at him and said what are you doing here. He said I was just passing through I have a friend of mine in the car and I am taking him to the airport and he kept looking at me up and down and he could see my hard nipples. You just took a shower Lynn and I said yes.

Daddy Secret : Well can we come in for a minute and I said of course and he came in and he told his friend come on Jim so he got off the car and he came in to the house. He was a big black man just like Dave so they sat down and ask can we have a beer and I said ok. As I was getting the beer the robe I had on was a sheer white robe and my nipples showed and it opened up as I took them the beer. I thought fuck why is my pussy getting wet again I just fucked Dave several hours ago so as I leaned over to hand the beer to Dave he told Jim Lynn loves fucking us niggers don’t you Lynn.

Daddy Secret : I look at them and I got so embarrassed but its true and I said yes. I got so red they just laughed and smiled and said that’s ok Lynn once you white women get some big nigger cock deep inside your pussy that’s all you white women want am I right Lynn. I smiled and said yes. As I was standing next to Dave he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer to him and he started feeling my ass, I tried to move his hand but he said you like me grabbing your ass and he continued feeling my ass and to tell you the truth I did like him feeling my ass.

Daddy Secret : His friend watched him as he played with my ass then Dave reached under my robe and touch my pussy lips I moaned and he knew that I love being touched there and his friend continued watching us. I tried to stop Dave’s big black hand from touching my pussy but he was so strong. Then he slowly shoved his big middle finger deep inside my wet pussy and I stood there and moaned and moaned cause my wet pussy loved his nigger finger going in and out of my pussy and you could hear the sound of his.

Daddy Secret : He said spread your legs a little you know you love me finger fucking your white pussy and he was so fucking right I did so, I spread my legs more and he continued as his friend smiled and said to Dave fuck she is a hot white bitch isn’t she. Then my robe opened up and there was my tits showing and Dave started sucking one of them as he finger fuck my pussy. I moaned and I said oh fuck yes finger my pussy hard Dave I love it so he put 2 fingers deep inside and I said oh fuck yes abuse my pussy if you want just don’t stop but he did and there I stood ready for some big nigger cock to fuck my pussy hard. Dave said go over there with my friend Jim and show him you want some big nigger cock, so I walk over where he was sitting my robe completely open showing my wet tits where Dave’s saliva was and my wet pussy from Dave finger fucking it.

Daddy Secret : I thought oh fuck now what should I do with his friend Jim so I push my tit against his mouth and I said suck my tit Jim please suck it hard. He put his black lips around my nipple and started sucking it hard then he started biting my nipple hard, I moaned as he suck my tits then he opened my robe and he stared at my wet saliva tits and my hairy wet pussy and said oh fuck Dave where did you find this hot fucking bitch and Dave said she is fucking my 2 sons, can you believe that this fucking bitch is fucking my boys, fucking Lynn loves fucking young niggers don’t you Lynn.

Daddy Secret : I looked at them and answered yes I do. Just today she was over and the boys were gone so I fucked her hard in the garage and you loved my big nigger cock didn’t you Lynn and I said yes Dave very much. As we were talking Jim slowly rubbed my pussy lips and I jerk and moaned fuck that feels good Jim and he smiled then he said take your robe off so I did and dance for us Lynn. We were in the piano room so I started moving like a sexy dancer grinding my hips and feeling my tits so as I was dancing they were playing with their cocks then Dave said get on your piano and finger your wet pussy.

Daddy Secret : I got on top of the piano opened my legs wide and I rubbed my pussy lips slowly and I toss my head back and I moaned cause it felt so fucking good so when I looked at them Dave took all his clothes off and there was his big hard nigger cock and I look at Jim and oh fuck his nigger cock was so fucking thick. I said to him fuck you are so fucking thick not as long as Dave but very thick. Jim came over and sat on the piano seat and there was my pussy wet and ready for them and Jim shoved his fat fingers deep into my pussy and I moaned and screamed not so hard please but he didn’t care, he loved abusing my pussy so I screamed stop please but he continued.

Daddy Secret : Dave got up and told me quit your crying you love us treating you like this don’t you Lynn. Oh yes but don’t hurt me ok but Dave just laughed and pinched my nipples hard and I just looked at him and smiled and told him is that all you got. He was surprise and he pinched them as hard as he could and I just smiled but I knew in the morning my nipples would be sore then Jim got me to sit on the piano seat and he slowly shoved his thick nigger cock deep into my pussy I knew he would tear my pussy but there was nothing I could do so I started relaxing my pussy so it wouldn’t hurt so much. Jim’s cock was so fucking hard it scared me fuck it was so thick then the head of his cock went in slowly so I opened my legs wider and thought these guys are going to fuck the hell out of me.

Daddy Secret : Jim shoved more cock into my pussy and he started fucking me slowly inch by inch he went in deeper and deeper I felt his thick cock opening my tight pussy more, I toss my head back and forth as he penetrated his thick cock inside my pussy. All of a sudden I felt his big nigger balls touching my ass hole and I could not believe he was all in my pussy I could feel his cock throbbing and throbbing, he had my pussy opened to the max. I was so glad I was very wet so then he started fucking me harder I buckle as he pounded my pussy.

Daddy Secret : Dave came over and started sucking my tits hard I thought oh fuck this so fucking good then I moaned and said to them both fuck me hard you niggers this white pussy loves black cocks. Jim went crazy he pounded my pussy hard and fast in and out he went my pussy loving every inch of his thick nigger cock and Dave said to me you never get enough do you Lynn and I looked at him and said no and you are so right after fucking you and your sons today I still wanted more. He smiled and said you are a hot fucking white whore nigger lover.

Daddy Secret : Yes I am so fuck me guys pound my pussy as hard as you guys want, this nigger whore is ready to be fucked all night so I ask them can you 2 fuck me all night and Jim said fuck yes as he pounded my pussy. After 30 minutes of Jim fucking me I felt the head of his cock expand so I knew he was getting ready to cum in my pussy so I grab the head of his cock with my pussy muscles and started squeezing, he look at me and smiled and said oh fuck and started grunting as he squirted loads of black cum deep inside my pussy and my pussy squeezing his thick cock and saying give me your black cum you big fucking nigger feed me and he squirted loads and loads of cum.

Daddy Secret : I could not believe he had so much cum then he stop and I felt his nigger cock throbbing deep inside my pussy. He look up at me and said fuck Lynn you know how to work that pussy of yours and you are a true fucking whore so then he pulled his cock out of my cum filled pussy. I looked at my pussy and it stayed open and I look at Dave do you want some of this and he said fuck yes then he came around where I was and slowly slide his big cock into my pussy. I moaned as soon as he started fuck me cause I loved the way his big nigger cock felt the first time he fuck me and I wanted more.

Daddy Secret : So as he shoved more of his nigger cock deeper and deeper into my hot pussy I thought fuck I love fucking these niggers, just the thought of a big black cock deep in my pussy made my pussy wet then Dave started fucking me harder, I moaned as he went deeper and deeper pounding my cunt hard. I looked at Jim and his nigger cock was covered with cum so he came over to me and said suck this nigger cock honey lick it clean so I can fuck you some more. I slowly started licking his nigger cock then I saw drops of cum at the end of his cock so I suck his cock and swallowed his cum.

Daddy Secret : He said fuck Lynn you a so good at fucking and sucking cock and I smiled cause I knew that I am a good fuck. Then I look at Dave as he was pounding my cum full pussy hard I moaned and said fuck yes Dave fuck my pussy hard breed it if you want its yours whenever you want. As he going deep into my pussy he hit my spot and I started climaxing and I jerk and I raised my ass higher so I get all of Dave’s nigger cock, I screamed fuck yes oh fuck yes Dave fuck my pussy harder you have me climaxing again and I continued climaxing my pussy was throbbing and sucking on Dave’s big nigger cock trying to get him to cum.

Daddy Secret : I looked at him and he knew that I loved his cock and I do so after climaxing several times I was so tired then I felt the head of Dave’s cock get hard and big and it started throbbing and I knew he was ready to cum so I squeezed his cock with my pussy muscles and he exploded and said oh fuck you nasty fucking whore your pussy is so fucking good as he unloaded loads and loads of black cum he was breeding my pussy good and his cum was going deep inside my pussy.

Daddy Secret : He looked at me and slowly pulled his hard cock out of my cum filled pussy. I lay there for a while thinking fuck I love fucking niggers so they got dressed and left cause Jim had to get to the airport but before Jim left he did say I will be back for more and I smiled and said anytime hon I will always be ready for your thick nigger cock and Dave told me I am coming back as soon as I drop Jim off if that’s ok. I smiled at him and said I will be waiting and so will this hot pussy of mine and all I can say is I love fucking niggers.

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