I Put My Treasure in My Mother’s Mouth By Screaming My Mother’s Lips



BBA 1st year, there is Kalabagan in our own home. Our house is tin-shed on 12 kathas, surrounded by a walled wall. Our house is filled with many trees. I and my mother live in the house, my father is Italy.


Father came home after 3 years. Mother is a kindergarten school teacher near our house. Mom is in school till 7am-10am. I do not have any girlfriends. Mother is fairly beautiful, gray in color, long hair, thick lips, 5 feet 6 inches tall, heavy kalache, and most interesting mother’s milk are both halting football. Milk size 42 “would be to blaze out the blouse. But his dress-up always kept the body covered. Mother does not say a word more, silence all the time. I go to the university, do not talk too much, always stay at home. Browse the internet, spend time, read the whole day, play the treasure.

My day was going on. One day I got up in our kathal tree to fix the dish line. That’s exactly what happened in my life. When I saw a little above the tree, Mom was entering the bathroom. There is a thing here to say that we have a bathroom inside our house and there is a bathroom outside of me.  There is no roof in the outer bathroom. Hamu first opened his sari, and seeing this, I hid behind the leaves of the tree. I started to get excited to see the next scene.

Mom did not know that I saw everything from the tree on it. I saw that Mom kept the sari in the bucket and then opened the blouse’s hook. I started to love the excitement.

After opening the  blouse, I saw Mom wearing a white bra. This is the first time I saw Mom wearing a bra. It seems that the braa will be flushed. Then mamu patrick opened. White panty inside One thing surprising was that the mum wear is very modern in bra-panties. Because mummy bra-panty is fitted with modern lace and very thin and thin.
Everything is seen inside. Perhaps they brought them from Ibu. However, when Mom opened the bra then along with two white white paws jumped. My wealth started tensuring tense. My own hands went out of my hands without knowing, I started taking money. Numpling of milk is more beautiful to see. Look black The bottle is like a big black grapes. Black bot on white milk is very nice to see. Meanwhile, I’m on the move. Mom opened his panty and saw that black junky jungle was not cut in the last 6 months. It was not possible to see the gap from the distance. And Pachata seems like a white clay.

After pouring water on the mummy, the washing of sari, bra, panties. Then began to wear soap on his own body after the soap started. He started his own milk and then took his hand to Pussy. Slowly started flicking the cunt. I think he got a lot of comfort in the cage. Pussy was full of white spots. Foam is more due to the thicker bone. Then the mother felt as if she was crying, and she realized that water was missing. Then he poured water and finished bathing. Then wearing a beautiful red-colored bra-panty and finished the bath after saris. Meanwhile, I was worried, but I did not get the goods out of the tree. I used to think how to feed my milk and how can I put my bud in the hood of mother’s. During that evening, I took all the keys of mother’s from the house of mother’s and duplicate. The next day when I went to mother School, I went to mother Room and opened the closet with duplicate keys. Many clothes inside. There are many beautiful beautiful bra-panties hanging right on the hook. Each bra is foreign and sexy. I saw a red pony auction and then pulled my lungi and put it with pants. Take a nap with pants and see a sweet smell. The pente started to crush me in my wealth. The pants were wet out by the goods. Panti stopped the closet again in the previous place. There is some calmness in the body, but the mind is unstable how to get to the mother.

Another month passed. I just started to see the bath from the tree and spend the day. Then one day, bought bangladesh chatta from the market and pictures of colored fox inside. I put the cover next to my bed. I came from Varsity and stopped the house of mother’s and there was no choti in my room. I slowly got the keys locked in the room with a key and saw that Mom was reading the chatta and the sari lifted up to the waist and made a cunt with fingers. After a little while, the mummy washed the water. Mummy kept lying in the legs and I closed the door quietly.
But the goal is not achieved in this way. I could not think of what to do. On the Internet, on the other sites, mother-son started searching for the cotchududi but found no solution.
One day I got an idea on my head. I took a leaf sleeping table from the pharmacy and brought a birth annihilation pill. On Thursday night at 10pm, I made melodious sleeping tablets and then mixed the meal like mother. Then wait for the opportunity.
At around 12 am I went to the room of mother and saw the door of the house of mother. Mom always sleeps by locking the door. I locked the door lock with a key. Inside, I noticed the lightning lamps burned. I made a little noise so that Momru could understand the breakdown. But there is no word for mother. Tube light flare up. Mm has black colored thin nights later. Deep sleeping. The hair is flying in the air. Fat lips are red. Spread two legs on both sides. I began to love one another with excitement. Sooner dreams are going to come true. I opened my lungi and got lanto. mother’s kissed kiss on the lips, added the lips and started sucking. My treasure is standing in the flowers.
mother’s Thought I rubbed the treasure.

mother smacked my lips and put my wealth in the face of my mother. Mom started to suck my treasure in sleep. I was getting a lot of comfort. Before being out of stock, I took out Dhanata from the mouth. mother’s pennonera nightitasala fell off. Let’s see the black-colored bra-panty reading. The brow is thin because of the milk nipal. I started to suck nipple from the top of the bra. At the end of the brara opened. In front of my eyes, I have a longing for things. I started sucking milk with a bottle of mouth, gently put the cloth, put the milk together and started pressing. Mom is in deep sleep. But in the sleep also, a feeling of happiness came in the mouth of mother’s. I started playing with milk.

There is a large dense fence on the side of the pants, black dense jungle came out after pulling it off. Can not see Pussy beard for Baal. A red cave turned out to blow the legs with two hands. The cunt is wet with roses, it seems like the last three years have been found to enjoy the promotion of fanatic pussy. There is a sweet smell from the couch. I started sucking my mouth in the mouth (my birth place). Then my jibata gently to mother’s Pussy’s mamakei mimu kepape kapeda. I started sucking mummy cunt, started eating all the juice of Vodka and started eating it. Mummy Assasasasasaasasasasakasasa Gungeata.

I grew up in my mouth and mother’s cunt in my mouth, we both started sucking in style. Suddenly, Mom poured a lot of things into my mouth, and realized that the water of mammu was drained. I got out of my mother’s mouth and lifted Nangto mother, and I set it up in the face of mother’s pussy, and after entering the head of the house, Mom got up in my sleep; I realized that the cows did not grow for a long time, so the cushions were reduced so I started to move slowly. mother’s pussy is like very tight girls. It looks like the 14 year old teenage girl foiled. Gradually, I increased the speed of the thap. Mom again was a water bottle, when I would have done it, I also increased the speed of the tham and poured my goods into the fur of Amur. Tired, mother lying on the chest, and after a while, I gave birth in the face of Pillata mother. Mom pills ate. I locked myself in my house and fell asleep.
Sleep break late in the morning. The University does not have the Friday. mother’s School is also closed. To wake up from the sleeping table, look at the table with mother. Mom looked in front of me. Did not say anything. But one thing I realized was an impression of satisfaction in his body. Mom did the bath in the morning. His hair was wetting his hair. Funny thing is that mom has become very sexy in one night. Thought light lipstick, red tip on the forehead, red bracelets, red-colored sarees, stomach navel are all visible, the inner bra in thin slieveclaw blouse is seen. I have never seen such a dress before mother. Remembering the night, I grew stiff. I asked Mom, when will my father come? Said one month later. Mom, you look very beautiful today.

Mom was ashamed. When I went to the bathroom, I saw the bra-panties dry in the nets. Mom did not let them dry before it was dry. At night, my mother said that she was very scared that I would sleep with my mother at night, she said last night she was very scared. I got the moon in the sky. It does not rain to get the cloud.

End The Story

I also increased my pace and started stirring it, and with the two hands, mother’s Dasa milk started adding to the two. In this way, I poured all my goods into the world where I came in my mother’s house. And both of them hugged and slept. And this way I and my mother’s Kamelila continue.


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