I And My Girlfriend’s Younger Sister Take Shower Together While My Gf Outdoor

Girlfriend's Younger Sister

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : Last night I had to go pick up my gf’s sister at the bar. She 23 yrs old beautiful and sexy. She was drunk and my gf not home so she call me. She completely a mess her boob hang out half way. Once I get to my house, she can’t walk so I have to carry her. She feel my face while I carry her and try to kiss me. I put her on the couch, she need to wash up. I got warm water and towel n wipe her down. When I got to her boob I lift her shirt up and wipe her. I staring at her nice boob. I change out her shirt. I leave her sleeping and I went to my room.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : I was sleeping till I feel someone next to me, thought is my gf. So I turn to her n kiss her. She kiss back with passion lip lock. I wrap my arm around her and start kissing and sucking on her boob. (It’s still dark and could see) I put my hand between her thigh and rub her pussy.  when I finger her I could feel different. Without thinking to stop I keep finger her. Ahhhh ahhh. When I heard her moaning voice, I got up and turn the light. It’s her sister and she fully naked. She look at me, don’t stop. She grab my hand and pull me over. She look at me, I won’t say anything she said and she kiss me. She grab my dick and jerking it. I grab her ass and squeeze it and start kissing her.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : She suck my cock and licking my ball. she srtoking and I feel her tongue on my ass crack. She got on top and slid my dick inside her tight pussy. Ahhhhhh ohhhh! Ohhh fck ahhh. I stretch her pussy up. When she got all in she move up slow and down slow. She knew it’s loose so she start rocking hard . She scream so loud. She got her hand push against my chest while she move her butt up and down on my dick. I squeeze her boob, ahhhh dhhhh then I cum inside her with full load. She up and suck on my dick  till it clean. She kiss it and got up and wash up. She lean over and kiss me before she leave my room.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : I nock out after that, than I feel a kiss on my lip, love you babe , open my eye and it’s my gf! When you get here, a minute ago. Thanks for picking up my sister she said. She kiss me and rubbing her hand on my dick. Baby love you, I’m tired. She move down and pull my dick out and start sucking it. Ahahhhh she suck it hard and fast while stoking it. She given me hand job and blow job. She sucking kn till I cum in her mouth and she suck it hard. She got up and wash up and cum back and cuddle with me.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : Early morning when my gf went to work, I decided to turn on porn. I was jerking myself and it feel good. It’s me Ann she shout it, I get up n open the door. What you doing she ask. Nothing just laying here thinking. Than she heard the moan noise, it’s that porn you watching? Yea what’s wrong watching it? I ask her.? Nothing wrong. She’s stare at my crotch and see my my boner. Hmmm did I interrupt your moment? Get out i said. She come sit next to me and  say “ bout last night, I very enjoy it and love every second of it. Thanks you for taking care of me too” she lean over n kiss me on my cheek. She bout to get up and I grab her hand, she looks back. “I love it too” she pick up the tablet and see the porn I watching. She move closer to me and look at me. She put down the tablets and kiss me. “ i want you more, can’t stop thinking bout since last nite” she say. We kiss and I squeeze boob n lift her shirt up.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : Lick and suck her nipples. Ahhhh ahhh. She jerk me off and giving me blow job. She amazing. She turn around and got on top. She stoking n sucking me while I’m eating her up.  She got top of my dick and put it in. It’s not that tight like last night.  She can go harder ahhhh. Bend her over and start fucking her. Turn her over and spread her leg. Lick her pussy and start fucking her again. When I bout to cum, I heard her sister call me. I push it hard and I cum inside her.

Girlfriend’s Younger Sister : She get up and suck it. I got up and went downstairs before she come up. She forgot her folder. Love you. After she left, went to my room and saw her hiding in the shower still naked. She got up and she turn on the shower. I join her and we fuck again. When we done, got out and wipe dry. When she leave the room I went to lay down. I fell sleep don’t know when, I feel a kiss on my lip. Open my eye and it’s my gf. What you do all day she ask. Just sleep so tired. She got up and hop in shower. When she come out, she was naked walked to me and climbed on the bed. She sat on my lap and wrap her my neck and kiss while she rub against my dick!

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