How Should We View Gay Marriage?

In what capacity would it be a good idea for us to view gay marriage? In the event that its around two individuals who cherish one another, then there’s nothing the issue with it, correct? Furthermore, since God is the Creator of the universe who doesn’t commit any errors and since gay person connections have been in presence since old times, then it must imply that God sanctions homosexuality and gay marriage, isn’t that right?

To answer these inquiries, we must turn to a definitive power of humankind: Yahweh God Almighty. We should know His standards with respect to His legal framework, and after that apply them to our theme.


1) Yahweh God Almighty alone has the power, learning, and ability to set benchmarks for our lives

Who has the power, learning, and capacity to focus the best possible utilize or handle of an item, the creator of the item or the client? On the off chance that you concur that God is the Creator of all, then do you not likewise concur that only he has the right, learning, and capacity to set down laws to administer our lives? Who else would be more proficient and skilled to choose what is best for us? Since God is the Originator of all things, everything is underneath Him. The Creator is higher than the creation, never equivalent or under it. So doesn’t God have the capacity and power, and even the obligation, to set the standard standards for our lives?

2) Yahweh gifts us freedom of thought, the a good fit for us to settle on our own ethical choices

At the point when God made humankind, He conceded us with the endowment of unrestrained choice. “Choice” implies we have the opportunity to settle on good choices. We are not care for robots who don’t be able to pick either right or off-base. As free good operators, we have the opportunity to decide to lie or not, to take or not, to have sex or not, and so forth. Nonetheless, how we practice our opportunity will be judged by God. Accordingly, each of us is in charge of our activities, by which God will judge us.

3) Yahweh has set laws for us to willfully comply

By what premise will God judge every individual? By the laws and standards He has set for us. Pretty much as He has set the laws of nature (e.g., law of gravity), He has in like manner set moral laws for us. On the off chance that there’s no law, there wouldn’t be anything to comply. In the event that there’s no law or standards for us to pick, freedom of thought to settle on good choices would be out of date. Anyhow now, when there’s law, each of us will be judged as per that law.

4) Yahweh’s consent is not the same as His regard

At the point when God awards us choice, that implies that He allows our activities, great or awful. In His law, He lets us know not to take or to lie, and He allows us to pick whether to obey or defy Him. Therefore, when we defy His decrees, it doesn’t imply that He endorses what we have picked. Individuals since the start of humankind have defied God’s laws. We take, trick, acknowledge influences, homicide, confer infidelity and sex, etc. Does this imply that God sanctions these activities? No, it essentially implies that God has kept His Word: He allows us to practice our through and through freedom.

5) Obedience to Yahweh’s laws prompts His regard, not salvation

While our dutifulness to God’s laws is His will for us and is ordered, only it doesn’t allow us everlasting life or salvation. No measure of benevolent acts we do by our own particular endeavors will acquire us salvation.

6) Yahweh offers everybody the endowment of salvation just by effortlessness through confidence in Jesus Christ

God loathes all wrongdoings, and each individual is a delinquent with no special case, so all merit God’s everlasting rage and judgment. We all are pitifully damned. Anyhow hold up, this is the place God’s unadulterated effortlessness kicks in: He has made procurement for everybody’s absolution through His Son Jesus Christ. When a man comes to trust in Jesus alone as their Lord and Savior for their salvation, accepting that he is the Son of God who came to Earth, passed on for our transgressions, was covered, revived on the third day, and rose back to paradise, God will forget that individual of all their wrongdoings, attribute Jesus’ nobility on them, and issue them the Holy Spirit that helps them carry on with an entire new life that is satisfying to God. At that point later on, all True Christians will be restored whereupon they will live everlastingly with God and Jesus. Then again, the individuals who resolutely dismiss Jesus as their Lord and Savior will likewise be restored, however they will be judged and afterward sentenced to everlasting demise, with no possibility of a restoration until kingdom come. Without Jesus, each individual is lost, vulnerable, sad, and bound to everlasting demise.


How do God’s legal standards apply to homosexuality and gay marriage? This is the way:

1) Since Yahweh is the Creator of men and ladies and the Originator of marriage, only he can set the laws and standards to represent sexuality and the marriage plan. Nobody else, neither one of the as lord or a head, has such right. God decided and purposed marriage to be a long lasting union between one man and one lady, not between individuals of the same sex. Gay person ways of life are infringement of His laws (i.e., Leviticus 18:22; Romans 1:26-28). He skilled us with the joys of sex just for a wedded couple of the inverse sex. Whatever else outside these laws is a wrongdoing, not overlooked by God, no matter what.

2) God licenses us to either comply with His rules in regards to marriage and sex or to resist them. He doesn’t control our hearts. He covets acquiescence that originates from affection. In this way, we can decide to carry on with a hetero way of life (in acquiescence to God) or gay person way of life (in defiance to God), to confer infidelity (in insubordination) or stay steadfast to our companions (in compliance), to have premarital sex (in rebellion) or stay as virgins until marriage (in dutifulness), and so on.

While one’s sexual introduction may not be a decision (some individuals may be conceived gay), our sexual way of life is a decision. Commonly conceived gay people can carry on with a sexually modest way of life so as to comply with God’s statutes. This submission exhibits your affection for God.

3) Even if our administration affirms gay marriage, our artificial law doesn’t override God’s law on marriage, by which will be the standard for God’s judgment. What is lawful in our artificial laws (i.e., sex) is not generally legitimate in God’s laws. Hence, when our laws clash with God’s laws, we ought to pick God’s. At the point when individuals instruct us to ignore God, “we must obey God as opposed to men.” (Acts 5:29, WEB)

4) Just as with some other evil way of life, a gay person way of life may be the beauty of God, yet its not on the grounds that He endorses it, but since He allows it and permits us enough time for us to apologize and be spared: “The Lord is not moderate concerning his guarantee, as some tally gradualness; however is quiet with us, not longing that any ought to die, yet that all ought to come to apology.” (2 Peter 3:9)

On the off chance that we need to shield gay marriage or a gay person way of life, or some other sins we hone, we have the flexibility to do as such (this opportunity doesn’t invalidate the outcomes for our disobedience to God). In any case we should not protect it by saying that God bolsters or approves it. We should not say that God bolster something when He doesn’t. That is ungodly. We should not compare God’s authorization with His regard.

It’s actual that homosexuality has been in presence since old times, for a huge number of years. Anyhow so have difficulty seeing, deafness, and a large number of different handicaps, also the act of all known sins. Does this imply that all these are what God really needs for humankind? To utilize the longterm vicinity of something as confirmation for God’s definitive regard and longing is defective as indicated by God’s own Word.

So while our reason (“God doesn’t commit any errors”) is revise, our decision (“God favors homosexuality”) is profanation. Yahweh Himself said, “You should not take the name of Yahweh your God futile, for Yahweh won’t hold him guiltless who takes his name futile.” (Exodus 20:7) We must be exceptionally cautious with what we say in regards to God. Clearly, God isn’t simply anybody -He is our Creator, Life-Giver, Sustainer, and Judge, so He merits our most noteworthy honor, regard, commitment, and adoration. We can approach Him just in respect, lowliness, and love; this is the minimum we can do in appreciation in light of what He has accomplished for us.

5) While we have the unrestrained choice to keep carrying on with a gay person way of life, comprehend that God will judge us as indicated by His laws. Just God is our Judge, so its to Him we will give a record. Realize that neither the unrepentant “sexually shameless, nor heathens… will acquire the Kingdom of God.” (1 Corinthians 6:9-10)

At the same time there’s something that must be pushed here: regardless of the fact that we apologize and carry on with an apparently impeccable, prudent life as per God’s laws, it would be good for nothing on the off chance that we don’t come to trust in Jesus alone for our salvation. It’s just Jesus + apology that will bring us salvation. Aside from Jesus, we’re all lost, paying little heed to our sexuality.

Companion, deliberately consider your way of life in light of God’s instructions in the range of your sexuality as well as every feature of your life. Consider how you ought to react to God and to Jesus. You have the decision to adjust or not to fit in with God’s will, and you’ll be considered in charge of the decision you make. Nobody can choose for you. Your everlasting future is dependent upon you. I ask you to come to God and Jesus for your salvation on the off chance that you haven’t as of now: “For God so cherished the world, that he gave his unparalleled Son, that whoever has confidence in him ought not die, however have endless life. For God didn’t send his Son into the world to judge the world, however that the world ought to be spared through him. He who has faith in him is not judged. He who doesn’t accept has been judged as of now, on the grounds that he has not had confidence for the sake of the unrivaled Son of God. One who has confidence in the Son has unceasing life, however one who resists the Son won’t see life, yet the anger of God stays on him.” (John 3:16-18, 36)

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