How I Am Lose My Virginity – Today i Told You That Story

How I Am Lose My Virginity

How I Am Lose My Virginity : My name is Anusha. I do stay in village actually. I have done my degree.

Am currently doing pg in hr. Coming to my personality am height 5.4 weight 51 bra size 32d hip 28. ass35… yeah I just wanted to tell the incident actually I was fucked. am staying with my grandparents actually. my parents stay in another city. my brother studying at Banglore. coming to my self. am just okay girl in the studies. yeah my grand parents and me will be in home.

How I Am Lose My Virginity : my brother used to come at holidays my parents comes occasionally . I born and brought up here. am going to tell how I was ducked with the guy. actually one guy his name is Ramesh.. he is 10 years older to me. he has special interest on me from when I was in 9 the standard. He used to guide me how to study and how to write exams. I though him as a tutor. he is very close to my family. same caste also… when I was in 10th ass he came to me on Feb 14th and proposed me and I rejected him. and I scolded him very badly. he was cried very hardly.

How I Am Lose My Virginity : but I don’t care because I always care about my family prestige. he used to spoke with me daily. I thought him as a friend even he got proposed me So many times. I was little matured when I was in class 12th . he constantly proposing me. the talk became bad in village like anusha and Ramesh affair. my brother came to home in summer vacations. even he also heard the news. but he didn’t care about it. He used to take dresses and fruits and everything. he proposed me seriously when I was in degree I said no. he got married to a girl.. he is 2 years older to me… even she also became close to me. he told to his wife that me is his lover. actually he is working as salesman..

How I Am Lose My Virginity : Yeah after marriage also he used to speak with me and flirt with me even I also used to take all works from him.. actually one day what happened I was sitting outside without dupatta(scarf) on my chudidar. my bra straps came out and some cleavage visible. my brother taken class for that and about my family… yeah coming to that guy Ramesh. he used to come to my home daily and flirt with me… one day he asked me kiss and he touched my hip when no one at my home. I just slapped him. and he didn’t came to my home again…

How I Am Lose My Virginity : one day there was a festival in my aunts home its almost 25 kms away from my village. I cannot able to attend because I have exams my grand parents went to party. I have exams in 2 days. So am studying I don’t know what happens to me I started watching porn I became horny.. at that time (9. 30pm). Ramesh came to my home and spoke with me and enquired had supper and everything. and his wife is also not there…

How I Am Lose My Virginity : he went back to home. by 10 o clock I became horny and I text to Ramesh what doing and I asked him why do u like me from past 6 years. he told me some reasons. and I text him like I wanted to give you something for that proposals and asked him o come… by 10. 20 he Is at my home and I started talking with Ramesh. at that time my brother called me and I spoke with my brother… after I spoke with my brother .

How I Am Lose My Virginity : I removed my dupatta scarf from chudidar I showed to him. yeah he taken advantage and gave liplock for 2 mind and sucked my lips. and take off my chudidar top and pressed my boobs from bra and removed my bra and pressed and sucked it I feel like its heaven. . he sucked it hardly and pressed. he removed his pant and showed his cock asked MD to suck but I said no later I got sucked. . . later he removed my total dress and slept me on cart and started licking my own body I feel happy pleasure and he started and rubbed my pussy I felt very happy.

How I Am Lose My Virginity : he inserted finger and he inserted his Penis I cried and he still fucked me in the middle of the fuck. door was knocked. I felt very panic. at that time I don’t know what to do.. I wore all my dress and slowly open the door.. Its his mother. I don’t know what to do. she asked me Ramesh is here… I said no… she did not came into my room and she went back he again fucked me…

How I Am Lose My Virginity : Shocking is.. in the morning his mother called me and asked me how was the fuck. she told me I have seen his cheppal. she smiled and I felt ashamed. now he daily Coming to my home and pressing kissing…

Am I cheating my family

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