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Housewife in stockings squirting “What in God’s name are you?” the woman hissed as she curled up in the fetal position. She was beautiful in body but broken in spirit, her inner thighs red from the blood of her torn hymen. Her virginity had been taken from her to the ssephound of her twisted cries of pain and lust, caught in both sexual humiliation and fulfillment. The young man’s smirk gained a bloodthirsty curl and he flicked his finger as if to say that there was something he needed to show her. The woman was dragged out of the bed as if an invisible hand had grabbed her by the throat.

Housewife in stockings squirting She hit the wall beside the man and crumpled to the floor, gasping for air with a welt worn into her neck from an unseen force. He grabbed her chin as if to steal a kiss, forcing her to look up at him. She had spoken to him in German, so he answered in kind. His voice was deep and commanding, undeserving of someone so young,

Housewife in stockings squirting yet the power he wielded and the twisted depths of his soul were unlike any other human. “In God’s name you ask? In this room, I am God. To you, I am God. As of now, you are a broken toy. I’m leaving tomorrow, and while you’ll never see me again, What man could ever want this impure body of yours after the things I have done to it? What man could ever fall in love with your soul after I’ve bent it to my will? Once I’m gone, you’ll think you are free,

Housewife in stockings squirting but the cage I’ve put you in will never disappear. Until the day you die, you are my property. But now it’s time for me to find something new to play with. I’ve become bored with you and this city and it’s time for me to move on once again. I need some new feeding grounds.” Rome, Italy: The book bag hit the delinquent’s head like a flail, knocking him to the ground while his friends watched in shock.

Housewife in stockings squirting Standing over him was a seventeen-year-old girl, her face flushed with rage in a red as bright as her hair, the skirt of her school uniform gently swaying in the breeze, and the crucifix hanging around her neck gleaming in the morning sunlight.

Date: March 10, 2019