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Gay daddies loving We got in at the top of the theater and we saw about 10 guys watching the gay porn on the screen and jerking their cocks.Kostas: “Take your clothes off and put them in my bag.”I look at him with scary eyes like “You are meaning this?” , to look me back like “NOW”.Me: “Yes Master.”And I took my t-shirt off and remove my pants. Now I was naked wearing only my shoes and my butt plug in my ass.Kostas: “Now walk down to the bottom from the middle stairs, make a walk to right …

Gay daddies loving till left side and walk back again from the middle stairs.”A sock hits my body. He wants totally to humiliate me. I start to walk down the stairs with my head down only watching the steps and feeling so embarrassing but strangely horny. While I made the maneuver at the bottom, I heard some whistling’s and moans from the guys, who can see my body very well,

Gay daddies loving because the light from the big screen flashes me out. I walk the stairs up and went next to Kostas. He took me and we left from the theater and start walk back in the dark corridor. He stops and opens a door. It was a booth with a guy inside watching some porn on the machine and jerking his cock. He closed the door and he went to the next one. It was empty.

Gay daddies loving He told me to get inside. He put some money to the machine and starts play gay porn.Kostas. “You will stay here and you will serve all the cocks that will appear from those two holes”.And he shows me the 2 holes one left and one right of me.Kostas: “Take these condoms to use. I give u 10 condoms. Those that u use you will keep them full of cum. I wish u use them all. When I leave you will lock the door and you will open only in a combination of knocks that I will tell you.

Date: February 27, 2019