Crying Teen Forced Fucked By Old Grandpa

Crying Teen

Crying Teen : Hi. My name is Emili. I am about 5’5, brown hair down to my breasts, I have braces, and I am white. I have a nice little body with little tits and a nice round ass, and this is the story of the time I fucked my 60 year old Grandpa. I will try to make it detailed for all of you to get of too, but I want it to be short also.

Crying Teen :  I was at a small family gathering, and I was wearing a purple dress that ended before my knees, and I had on some brown combat boots that went a bit above my ankles. I had seen my Grandpas dick before when I went into his room when he was naked changing. and for his age, its in great shape. Its about 5 inches soft, but I don’t know how big hard.

Crying Teen : Anyways, I was at the reunion, and my Grandpa got there and was wearing shorts, and when he got out of his car, his shorts were pulled up and I saw his dick head. It was massive, and I got wet immediately. It was at my house, so I ran inside and locked myself in my room and began to finger myself. I was sooo horny. It was right before climax when my Grandpa knocked on my door asking me if I was ok. In my horny state I innocently said, “No, can you come in here?”. He said ok and I told him there was a key downstairs to my room because I didn’t wanna get up because I “Felt nasty”.

Crying Teen : When he went and got it, I quickly got up and put on my white lace underwear. I got on my bed and laid on my stomach and pulled my panties to the side so he could see my ass and pussy partially when he came in. He came in and asked what was wrong. I said, “My waist and thighs really hurt. Can you give them a massage? That would make me feel really nice.” He said ok and began rubbing my thighs and hips.

Crying Teen : I told him, “Can you go more towards my crotch? It really hurts there.” He slowly moved right below my pussy. I looked at his crotch and saw a large bulge. He was very turned on and I knew this was my chance. I asked, “Grandpa, whats in your pants?. He replied with, “Do you want to see what it is sweety?” I replied with a quick yes. He pulled his shorts down and his large cock flung out. I said, “Hey Grandpa, I think my pussy and ass hurt. Can you somehow massage the insides of them?”

Crying Teen : He grinned and said, “Yes sweety, but I need something from you first”. I replied with, “Ok daddy”. He took his cock and pressed it against my lips. He slowly slid it into my mouth. It started to hit the back of my throat. And from here I knew what to do. I started to suck on his cock and tease it with my tongue. After about ten minutes of sucking, he laid me on my stomach and began pressing his cock into my pussy. He slid it in and moaned with pleasure. He started to hump me and he kept humping with a brisk pace. After about 15 minutes of intense grinding, he pulled out of pussy and asked, “Didn’t you say your ass hurts too?”

Crying Teen : I just looked up at him, but my bottom lip and nodded. He put the head of his dick on my asshole. He slowly pressed it in and he groaned loudly. I bit my lip even harder and came right there. My whole body went limp as he fucked my tight ass. I was just his little fuckdoll now. He ruthlessly fucked my ass for nearly 20 minutes. After this he pulled out of it and whispered in my ear, “I have a special cream that can make your pussy feel rrreeeaaalll good. Want it?”

Crying Teen : I replied with yes, and he plunged into my pussy and fucked me very hard and fast. He grabbed my hair from behind and yanked my head back. He groaned louder and longer with each thrust. Then he whispered to me, “I’m going to seed you, you dirty little slut. You’re mine now, whore. Anytime I want to use you, you have to obey me.

Crying Teen : I will put my seed deep into your cervix, and then leave you here to feel my hot sperm drip out of you. You hear me?” I couldn’t even process what was happening so I just moaned a small, “yes” He thrust very hard and deep for about a minute, and then he shoved his cock deep in me and I felt his cum begin to fill me up. He groaned very loud, pulled out, let the last of his cum drip on my face, then got dressed and went back outside with my family. I just laid there for the next hour feeling so abused, yet so loved. It was amazingly terrible.

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