Brother In Law Making Sexual Love While Sister In Law Alone In House

Brother In Law

Brother In Law  :  Kelly a 17r old girl. She was tall size 12 and B cup breasts. She wore a white blouse with the school emblem on it and a green pin striped dress knee high She called around after school to pick some books her sister had left for her. Andy her brother in law was home. He invited her in and offered her a drink. They sat and chatted.

Brother In Law  :  Andy a 28 yr old fit toned man. He played rugby and his manual job kept him fit as well. He and Kelly got on well. It then turned sexual.
Andy asked if she had a boyfriend she said she did they had been dating for a year and she was having sex with him. Michelle was at work till late. She smiled at him as they talked. It was now 4.30. Andy had a hard on. She felt horny, she thought to herself she was 17 he was 28 her sister’s husband. She stood to leave she walked to the kitchen putting her glass on the counter.

Brother In Law  :  She talked to him as she walked to the door. “Nice seeing you “Kell he said.
“It was” she replied she gave him a hug. They hugged and he slid his hand to her arse. She knew she should say no. She looked in his eyes and they kissed passionately. He closed the door and lead her to the couch he sat down she sat next to her they kissed. He caressed her bust. She fondled his groin. He undid her blouse button by button. She took it off revealing her blue bra. He took off his shirt. She admired his toned body. He kissed down her neck to her cleavage. Squeezing her bust then kissed her neck sliding a hand behind her arse undoing her skirt.

Brother In Law  :  She got up and dropped it to the floor and straddled him lap. He caressed her bust then slid a hand behind her back unclipping her bra pulling it off her breasts falling out. Not as big as her sisters but still nice. He leant in sucking her small nipples. Squeezing her arse over her underwear. He rolled her to her back on the couch seeing the wet slit under her panties. He slid then off revealing her pussy. He dropped then to the floor opening her legs he ran his tongue up her pussy to her clit.

Brother In Law  :  She had a well shaven pussy. He licked her out listening to her groan as he tasted the sweet yummy juices of her tight pussy. He slid his fingers deep inside her. After a while he stood up he unzipped his shorts. He pulled them down his hard cock springing out.
“Wow ” she said looking at his big circumcised member.
“Sucked cock before “he said.
” No ” she said.
” You don’t suck your boyfriends cock ” he said.
” No ” she replayed

Brother In Law  :  He moved it towards her sliding it into her mouth. She gagged as it filled her mouth. She moved her lips up his shaft as he slid it in and out. She grabbed his shaft stoking it as she sucked.
“That’s it babe ” he said
She deep throated it gagging then sucked it licking his shaft. He held her head controlling it as she sucked. She held his balls as she sucked. She could taste his pre cum. He looked down seeing his Sisters younger sister on the end of his hard cock.

Brother In Law  :  After a while he took it out. He lay her back and spread her legs. He slapped it on her pussy and rubbed it up and down. He then found her opening and pushed it in. She groaned feeling it inside her tight pussy.
” Bit tight aye ” he said
“Ummm ” she groaned if felt uncomfortable
He thrusts back and forward deeper as is loosened up. He watched himself inside her her pussy lips hugging his thick shaft as he thrusts her.
” Your not a virgin ? ” he said
” No ” she said.
” Your boyfriends cock big ”
” No ” she said

Brother In Law  :  “This is a real cock ” he said thrusting her.
He plunged her in and out. Admiring her naked petite body. Her B cup breasts her shaved pussy as he fucked. A bit different to her sister. Size 14 A C-D cup. Wide open pussy to accommodate his cock. Kelly’s pussy was tight. She groaned as he fucked her. He couldn’t tell weather it wad groans of pleasure or pain.

Brother In Law  :  A while later he felt himself build up his cock twitch. He could see I bit of her blood on his cock. He had broken her properly as he withdrew. He shot his juices up her body over her breasts and face. The blood on his shaft. He would make her lick it clean but not with her blood. He then slid it back into her and the rest of his load emptied inside her. He kissed her and sucked her breasts. His semen over her. He had sex with his Sisters younger sister. He had broken her. They showered and dressed. Michelle arrived home an hour later with tea. Not realizing the sex that had taken place between her sister and husband.

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