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Mother In Law

In Font Her Mother In Law : She walked up the driveway to the front door. It was lunch break at school she walked the 300 mtrs to his place. It was a week later. She knocked. Andy answered the door.
“Kelly” he said.
“Inside sit down and shut up ” she said pushing her way in. She took him by the hand to the lounge she pushed him to the couch. She knelt down between his legs pulling his shorts off and underwear. His huge cock springing to attention.

In Font Her Mother In Law : ” Kelly ” Andy said as she slid his knob into her mouth stroking it as she sucked. She deep throated him gagging. Then licked up his shaft to his knob circling her tougue around his knob. She kept sucking his cock occasionally deep throating him. After a while she stood up, Andy watched as she undid her school blouse dropping it to the floor. She reached behind her back unclipping her bra pulling it off throwing it to him. She then unzipped her skirt dropping it to the floor. Then she slipped of her panties stepping out of them she through them to him. He caught them kneading them between his fingers.

In Font Her Mother In Law : He could smell her wet pussy on then. She straddled him grabbing his knob guiding it to her pussy sliding down his shaft. He entered her. She slid up and down his cock slowly. Holding his shoulders as she fucked him . He caressed her breasts as she rode him. Feeling his hard member inside her. He broke her a week ago. She bled all over his cock. She groaned as she rode him. His cock so much bigger than her boyfriends. She grabbed her knickers off him and put them in his mouth. He tasted her juices. This made him hornier as he held her hips as she rode him. Moments later he cum. He filled her with his juices. She sat there catching her breath. She kissed his lips.

In Font Her Mother In Law : ” Need to get back to school” she said getting of him. She pulled her knickers out of his mouth and stepped into them. Pulling them up her body. Semen ran down her leg. She pulled a flannel from her bag wiping it up. She put on her bra and shirt. Then her skirt.
Andy sat there naked ” Wham bam thank you sir ” aye he said.
” Yep ” she said leaning over kissing his lips. ” Need to go ” she said with a pussy full of his cum. She walked out the door for afternoon session at school.

In Font Her Mother In Law : Andy and Stu pulled up to school. Kelly waiting at the gate. She saw them and waved goodbye to her friends. Stu got out of the car. Kelly got into the car moving over to Andy in the driver’s seat. Stu got in next to her. She sat between Stu and Andy on the front bench seat. They pulled off and drove out of town. She wore her uniform chiding a slightly shorter skirt. Stu admired her slender legs together as she sat between them. “How’s your day ” Andy said.
“Good ” Kelly said.
“You like Stu ? ” Andy said to Stu.
“Yes ” Stu said turning towards Kelly putting his arm up on the seat beyond her admiring her.

In Font Her Mother In Law : Stu was 32. Andy’s brother. Stu put his hand on her knee feeling his hard cock rise in his pants as Andy drove. They got to the highway.
“You want to fuck him.” Andy said to Kelly.
” Yeh ” Kelly said as Stu slid his hand up her thigh his fingers sliding under the skirt of Andy’s 17 yr old Sister in law.
” So young and sexy ” Stu said.
” Her boyfriend didn’t break her properly. So my cock did she bled on me aye Kell. “Andy said putting a hand on her other knee.
” Yeh ” Kelly replied.

In Font Her Mother In Law : Stu’s hand slid up her skirt lifting it up her thighs. She turned to him and they kissed. His fingers found her underwear sliding inside her thigh she opened legs Andy’s hand still in her knee, as Stu and Kelly kissed. Stu rubbing over her underwear. She groaned as Andy drove. They turned of the main highway to a secondary road. Cars were scarce. Stu moved his hand up her blouse caressing her bust. Her undid the buttons moving done her blouse. He pulled it apart revealing her blue bra het perky breasts pushed up by the push up bra. She leant forward as Stu helped her remove it. They drove up another road this on a dirt road. Stu unclipped het bra pulling it off.
In Font Her Mother In Law : He caressed her bare breasts leaning in sucking her nipples she held his head as he sucked and caressed them. They then came to a stop. They were by a lake. Andy turned off the car and turned towards Kelly admiring her breasts as Stu sucked them and caressed them. Let’s go for a walk Andy said they all got out of the car. Kelly putting a tee shirt on. They walked up a path for 10 minutes coming to a clearing a small pool and a waterfall. Andy undressed as did Stu. Kelly admiring there two cocks. She removed her top as the boys dived in the water. She dropped her skirt and knickers Andy and Stu watching her. She dived in as well. After a few minutes in the shallow end Stu sat on a rock.

In Font Her Mother In Law : “Suck it ” he said to Kelly. She moved towards him. She grabbing his hard cock sliding her lips down his shaft she caressed his balls as she moved her mouth up and down his cock. Andy watched his Sister in law suck his brothers cock. Andy stroked his cock. He sat next to Stu Kelly grabbed Andy’s cock and stroked it as she sucked Stu,s
“Andy says your a good fuck ” Stu said.

In Font Her Mother In Law : “I like sex ” Kelly said taking his cock out of her mouth. She licked Stu’s shaft. Stu grabbed her hair pushing her head down his cock guiding it up and down with his hand. “Suck it bitch ” he said. She deep throated it gagging as Stu groaned. A minute later they lay her down on the beach. Stu knelt between her legs and circled his tongue around her clit. He slid his fingers inside her pussy finger fucking her sweet teen pussy as he licked and sucked her clit and pussy lips. Andy slid his cock in her mouth holding her hair guiding it up and down his cock He watched her deep throat him as Stu ate her pussy out.
” One nice sweet teen pussy “Stu said
” Yeh ” said Andy looking down watching his 32 yr old brother eat his 17 yr old Sister in laws pussy. ” It is”

In Font Her Mother In Law : ” You enjoy fucking your sisters husband behind her back ” Stu said to her.
” Yes ” she said as Stu got on his knees lifting her arse spreading her legs. He guided his cock to her clit rubbing it over her pussy then slid it deep inside Kelly’s pussy watching it disappear between her pussy lips. She groaned and ached her back feeling it penetrate her tight pussy. Stu plunged it back and forwards inside her slowly.
“Gonna bleed for me bitch ” he said.
” Already broken her ” Andy said.

In Font Her Mother In Law : ” Shame” Stu said ” Love you to bleed on my cock.” He said speeding up inside her as she sucked Andy’s cock.
” That’s good ” Stu said slapping against her. He watched his hard cock slid against her pussy lips.
Andy caressed her breasts as she sucked his cock and Stu fucked her. Andy moving her head up and down his cock occasionally deep throating her. She gagged. Stu withdrew and lay on the beach.
“Hop on ” he said to her. She straddled him guiding his cock inside her. She rode up and down his cock Stu caressing and squeezing her breasts as she slid up and down his cock.

In Font Her Mother In Law : ” That’s it ” he said. Andy sat watching stoking his cock. After 5 minutes she got off. She knelt doggy style between Andy’s legs. Her head been pushed back down Andy’s cock. Stu entered her from behind. He fucked her doggy style slapping her arse as Andy grabbed her hair sliding her head up and down his hard cock. Moments later Stu groaned. He let go exploring inside Kelly’s pussy filling it with cum. ” Oh Fuck ” he said ” Fill her up ” Andy took her head of his cock as Stu withdrew. She rolled over onto her back cum dripping from her pussy. Stu guided his cock to her mouth. “Suck it all up, clean my cock ” he said. She licked and sucked his cum off his cock. She rubbed her pussy rubbing the escaping fun over her stomach . They then got into the water and swam.
In Font Her Mother In Law : Kelly washing her pussy.
” Good Stu ” Andy said.
” Oh Fuck yes.” he said. “Nice teen pussy.

In Font Her Mother In Law : After a while she was moved back to the rocks. Andy got between her open legs licking her clit and pussy lips. Remnants if Stu’s cum there. He then got up sliding his hard cock inside her thrusting her deep and hard as Stu watched. He watched Andy’s cock slid between her pussy lips Stu caressed and sucked her nipples and breasts. They then swapped Andy withdrew giving Stu another turn. Stu thrust back inside her as Andy caressed her breasts. Five minutes later Andy got back in. He thrust and pumped her pussy 8 minutes later Andy cum exploding inside her. Filling her pussy with juices. They got back into to pool and skinny dipped. They talked and laughter.

In Font Her Mother In Law : Then two other guys appeared. They saw Andy Stu and Kelly were naked.
“Come join us ” Andy yelled out. The two guys looked at the clothed on the ground two guys and Kelly’s skirt and panties. They stripped of Kelly looked at the other two cocks. Older man’s small and wrinkled the other long and thick. They swam together for a while. Both new guys looking at Kelly. Stu noticed they were looking at her. Kelly staying under the water.
“Show em ya tits ” Stu said. Both looked at them waiting for her to do as she us told. She got up her breasts on display. The younger guy reached out caressing them, the older guy did the same.
“Nice tits aye ” Stu said.
“Yes” the younger man said.

In Font Her Mother In Law : “Show them ya pussy.” Andy said. She moved to the rocks getting out of the water. The two strangers admiring her shaved tight teen pussy. She felt older guy run his hand over her. Younger guy opened her leg more. It’s all yours Andy said. Older guy slid his fingers inside her pussy admiring her clit. Younger guy rubbed her clit. After a while after both guys had licked her clit circling it with there tongue taking turns. Older guy slid his cock inside her plunging her deep. Younger guy presented his cock to her She sucked it as older guy fucked her. A few minutes later they swapped over. Older guy slid his cock in her mouth as younger guy fucked her. 10 mins of this the guys swapping and sharing her pussy they cum inside her.

In Font Her Mother In Law : Afterwards the two guys swam as Stu Andy and Kelly dressed walking back to the car. They got in and drove off. They talked and Andy and Stu dropped her off at home. She walked upstairs and undressed getting into the shower. Her underwear full and wet with cum. She washed and got out. She lay on her bed naked caressing her breasts and pussy till she orgasmed the dressed.

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