Blonde Mature Farm Mom Attacked And abused In The Wood


Blonde Mature Farm Mom : Last I left off, My friends mom Jennifer had fallen asleep at the toilet, and I had fingered her a bit. She awoke, I jumped in the shower and hide form her, out of sight, she did not see me, and the story ended.

This is what happened after all that.

the next morning

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I slept very well that night. Suckling my fingers, and tasting the mature pussy set me right to sleep. In the morning I woke up to see Jennifer sitting down in the TV room were we were sleeping, eating taste. She faced away from me, so I could just stare at her all I wanted. I wondered If she had remembered the events form the past night, and if she was angry at me? or, if she remembered nothing, and I was in the clear?

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I waited two hours to even speak, and that was because I wanted my friends to wake first, and break the morning Ice between me and him mom. when he jokingly threw a sock at his mom, she turned round, looked at both of us, smiled, then through it back. Ahhhhh, my head sighed, she didn’t say anything, I must be good.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom :  “Alright guys get up, get up. ” I slowly found my way to my feet, and walked around his house lazily.  “Bob? Toasts? ” (Yeah my names not bob, but im not gonna say my real name.) I nodded yes, and she plopped two pieces of whole wheat bread into the toaster for me,  “K, it will be about 5 minutes. ” I nodded once more, still half asleep, and walked to the bathroom. I had to pee. I opened the door, shut it behind me, walked to the pot, pulled out my dick, and ahhhhhhhh, pissed. I finished, and turned. I looked around a bit, to see if there were any dirty underwear of his moms in hear, fresh from the orchard. there weren’t, but i did get another idea. I walked over to her hamper in the corner of the room, and dug down deep with my arm. I pulled out a pair of jeans, two panties and a mini skirt. Jennifer is kinda a big girl, so more like a medium large skirt. I went to the toilet and sat. I looked at the Jeans first. The crotch area had no sign of leakage, but it might smell I thought. so with that. I brought the jeans up to my face, holding my breath till the crotch was level with my nose. I breathed out long, and in super long. The instant smell of Vagina hit my nostrils and sent me over the edge. my cock grew, and My eye’s widened with lust. I smelled more and more, till I was going crazy. The smell was so strong, so heavenly, so erotic. Its like she wasn’t wearing panties at all while she wore these. Then I went mad. Licking and swallowing the hot steamy week old cunt juice of Jennifer.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I dropped the pants in my mad rage and picked up the skirt. Without even thinking I brought it to my mouth, but there was no taste really. dam, she wore panties with these. So i snatched up the underwear from my lap, and,  once again, without thinking, jammed the crotch of the first pair right into my mouth. This tasted even better then the jeans. I let the different tastes swim around on my tongue before I swallowed then down my dry throat. I swiveled my lips around them, and licked then dry. The taste is uncanny, and great, like fresh, dirty salty rain. I swallowed her pussy juice, her piss, and her sweat all in one major finishing gulp

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I cleaned my area up, and exited the bathroom. My breath smelled of pron, and my lips probably tasted like pron. My toast was on the table, on a paper plate, with jam and butter next to it. Jennifer sat at the table to eating. My friend was in the other bathroom, showering. She looked up at me as I sat,  “you ok, you were in there a while? ” I smiled lightly,  “Yeah, I’m ok. ” While saying this, I coughed, and a load on pussy smelling air came jolting out of my lungs, and into the air around her.  “Ohh, man, bad breath dude. ” Her face puckered, and her eyes watered. Who knew the smell of her own vagina would annoy her. I sat down and laughed out loud,  “sorry, i do have bad morning breath. ”

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : i ate in silence, still amazed at what had happened last night, and this morning. Last night I had seen the woman sitting right across from me’s Pussy. I had touched it, fingered it, but nothing more. I wanted it, I needed it. I hungered for It, And I knew right then and there how i was gonna get it.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I got up from the table,  “hey, whatcha doing? ” she asked. I just stood and said,  “Is it ok if I take a shower, my back just started aching real bad? ” she pondered this for a minute with pursed lips.  “ok, but nothing over 5 minutes, remember the other guy’s taking one to. ” I agreed, and walked for the bathroom, once inside, I went to work. i went for the medicine cabinet. I searched, and searched, till, Eureka! Sleeping pills. i twisted off the cap, and took out about 8. I settled the cap on again, put the pills in my pocket, and opened the door.  “changed my mind, my backs fine, and, I probably wouldn’t have any hot water. ” She didn’t look up, she just nodded.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : So I asked to stay another night, and, I decided to administrate my plan. At about 10 O’clock, Jennifer came into the TV room were me and my buddy were, with a cup of tea, and began watching the new’s. (this next part worked out perfectly.) So I sat, watching my friend play a computer game. He was losing horribly. So his mom gets up, and walked out toward the bathroom. I took this chance. I moved away from my friend, and sat in his mothers chair. He didn’t notice one bit. i reached in my pocket and took out four pills, and dropped then all into the cup of dark colored tea. I then returned to my seat, and resumed watching him play.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : His mom came back in shortly, but she had changed. Into a bathrobe. She sat, and sipped her tea. As the tea cooled, the sips turned to gulps, and the gulps turned to once large chug, and the tea was gone. So were the pills. it took little time for it to begin effecting her.

Finally, she slumped down, into a deep sleep.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom :   At this point it was midnight, and my friend was tired as well.  “hmmm, looks like my mom is out. so just leave her alone, here’s a blanket and pillow, im going to bed. ” so with that. he left the room, and closed the door. I felt shocked at how well this had gone to plan. I then had to wait, for my buddy to go to sleep, so he didn’t walk right in on my while I was at work. and hour passed, and I had the clear. i walked over to the light switch, and flicked it off. The room was pith black, but i needed light. So I walked to the computer desk,and turned on the office light. The room was lite with a low glow. It was time


Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I took my time walking over to his mom. She sat so soundly, purring with sleep. When I did get to her, I leaned in, and kissed her passionately on the lips. She did not kiss me back, but i did not care. I drilled my tongue into her mouth, and explored around.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I broke free of the kiss, and un-sashed her robe. Her bare big body lay they. her breasts sagged a little, but there size was enormous, double D. Her vagina was full bush, and big as hell. her tummy stuck out a bit, and her legs looked as though they needed a shave. But it turned me on to see her imperfections.

I went for her tits. I grabbed em up, and gave them both a good hard squeeze. Then I took the left nipple in my mouth, while my other hand played with her right breast. Her nipples grew in my mouth and my fingers, and her tit tasted like sour sweet milk.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : I became tired of these after about an hour of suckling. I needed to taste that sweet pussy once and for all. I’ve smelled and tasted the panties, but they were nothing to this thing. it was big, stinky, and it needed my mouth. i went down on her, and threw my face into her 45 year old, birth hole of two kids cunt. I licked, ate, explored, swallowed, bit, rolled, and dam face fucked her pussy to the first climax of the night. Her hips moved a little, and a thin jet stream of womanly cum shot out of her, and right down my throat. it tasted like heaven n liquid form. I knew it was time. I got up, pulled my jeans down, and stood above her. My 7 inch dick hung high in the air. I got up underneath her, positioned my cock right, and slammed it all in.

Blonde Mature Farm Mom : Her pussy was so wet and hot, it made fucking her amazing. I bucked and slammed, and she even bucked back a little. When the time came to cum, I had a plan. I took one hand, and pinched her nose. in no time she began breathing out of her mouth, and then i did it. I pulled out of her, shoved my dick into her throat, and came.  “fuck yeah!. ” I shouted, and her eyes came awake. I was dead. She just stared at me, while i shot rope after rope of cum into her throat and mouth. She reached up slowly, grabbed hold of my dick softly, and removed it from her mouth  “Well, now that I know you’ve fucked me, i won’t fell half as bad fucking you. ” Her words shocked me, but i Smiled, and reached my hand down, and jammed a finger up her twat,  “good, ” I said,  “good. ”

END OF THIS STORY……………………………………………