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Beautiful Natural Redhead Houston girl having fun fuck


Beautiful Natural Redhead You are a tease. I like that. What am I getting myself into, or you into?I thought we had headed for the bed already, and we were licking and sucking each other? Did I miss something here? Do you want me just to take your cock in my mouth, or tease you with me tongue first? I will stay on you until you cum into my mouth. As I said before, you sound like fun, and that’s what I’m looking for. To bed….dah! You are ignoring me and getting me wet. Okay, tomorrow night about 7:30 is good for you?

Beautiful Natural Redhead First meeting:Monday, and I enter her apartment. This is the first time we have met. We kiss, a french kiss and she asks if I would like to go to the bedroom or sit on the couch. I tell her the couch for the moment, and we chat for a couple of minutes then head for the bedroom. I strip down and she is wearing a thin outfit with buttons down the front.

Beautiful Natural Redhead I lay on the bed beside her and we kiss. She moans and cums almost immediately, she says that I am huge and I ram her with my cock over and over, as she cums again and again. I get off and stand at the side of the bed and ask her to kneel for me while I fuck her doggie style. It is a waterbed with wooden rails and difficult to fuck her in this position. After she cums a couple of times I get back on the bed and start to fuck her again, this time pulling her legs up in the air so I can get in deeper.

Beautiful Natural Redhead She cums again and then we relax a while as she plays with my cock and sucks it, over and over. She says she likes the taste of her cum on my cock. I finger her again and she creams liberally on my fingers and then says she wants me inside her. I fuck her again and rub my cock against her cunt lips and I feel I am going to cum; I slide inside her and continue to fuck her until I shoot my cream into her cunt.

Beautiful Natural Redhead She said:Even without the vibrators! I really enjoyed myself. If you got any harder or deeper inside me, I might die…..but seriously everything was fine….. You’re making my knees go weak, just thinking about you inside me.

Date: March 5, 2019