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fishnet stockings I am new here so let me introduce myself. I am Aryan 28years of age from pune. Well built and have 6.5 inch tool. The Girl in the story is Neha, she lives in Bangalore.. same age and have figure 34-28-32.(Came to know later).

Story starts way back in 2005 in my cousin brother’s marriage. There i saw her first time and fallen in love with her. It was indeed love at first sight. She is sister of my Cousin Bhabhi and also my cousin sister due to far relation between our families.

fishnet stockings We didn’t got much time in wedding to talk so we just exchanged numbers. That time there was no whats-app. So we started normal chatting with normal message and came on yahoo for daily chat in night. As usual chat started with asking questions about your past like what you did till now, what you studying now, your future goal and all. Off-course question regarding GF/BF was also asked. We settled with all such questions and here began our friendship which got stronger and stronger day by day, such like it was impossible for us to live without chatting and without talking over phone before sleeping.fishnet stockings

fishnet stockingsSlowly our chat was regarding sex. We shared all the info which we both had and was quite attracted to each other. There it was i said her over the phone one day that i m in love with you from day 1 when i saw you in the marriage. She was surprised and asked for time. For next 4-5 days we didn’t had chat and didn’t even talked also. Then after 5 fishnet stockings days on Saturday she called me and asked me to come on yahoo for video chat. We were meeting first time on video chat. There she asked few questions and then accepted my proposal and now we were GF & BF.

fishnet stockings That night we talked for so long and slept. From next day it was a new beginning. We use to daily talk over phone in day and night and slowly we started our phone sex and then it was like she cannot sleep unless and until we have phone sex in night before sleeping.

After almost 5 years that is in 2010 i was like we should meet as i came to know she is coming to pune to meet her relatives and attend a wedding and will be in pune for 2 months.. First she said no but i convince her to meet in my flat and no one will come to know in fact we can roam in pune.. She somehow convinced to meet.. fishnet stockings

Date: March 14, 2020